Elpress Mobile DataCom Crimping Tool Kit

Product overview

Elpress Mobile DataCom Crimping Tool Kit is a professional crimp tool with interchangeable dies for electrical installations and data-com. Mobile handtool and two interchangeable dies:

  • Die OMP45 for crimping modular plug RJ45
  • Die OCC1113 for crimping coaxial contacts RG58, RG59, RG62 and RG71
  • The tool is delivered with dies in blister packaging

Elpress Mobile DataCom Features

  • Elpress Mobile DataCom Crimping Tool Kit is a reliable, safe, economical and comfortable solution.
  • Parallel crimping movement with 10kN crimping force, tested for 20.000 crimps.
  • Easily interchangeable crimp dies with one operation.
  • The crimping dies are kept together in pairs and stored in custom holders.
  • A wide range of crimping dies enables you to use one tool frame for 19 different crimping applications.

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Technical Data

Prod. Name Net Weight Dimensions
Elpress Mobile DataCom 0,667 kg 234 x 64 mm


Part Number Use
OMP45 Crimping modular plug RJ45.
OCC1113 Crimping coaxial contacts type RG58, RG59, RG62, RG71.

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