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Elpress PVX1300C2 Battery Crimping Tool (6-400mm²)

Product overview

Elpress PVX1300C2 Battery Crimping Tool for Cu Terminals (Range 10-400mm²), Al Terminals and Connectors (Range 10-400mm²) and C-sleeves (Range 6-120mm²) is a battery powered crimp tool for crimping of Cu Terminals type KRF/ KSF from 10 to 400mm², KRD/ KSD 10-400mm², KRT/ KST 10-400mm², Al Terminals and Connectors 16-240mm² and C-sleeves up to 120mm².
PVX1300C2-DB, supplied with 2 batteries.
PVX1300C2-US, supplied with 115 VAC charger.

Crimping tool on the next level, the crimping head made from 100% recycled steel. Elpress PVX1300C2 Battery Operated Crimping Tool is the latest tool equipped with Elpress’s patented DUAL technology. The tool is 100% reverse compatible and has been tested and approved for use together with Elpress B-dies and DUAL dies. One new feature of the pistol is a display that gives you valuable information about your tool, e.g. number of performed crimps, battery status, service intervals, etc.

This Battery Operated Crimping Tool has been created with a new ergonomic design & crimping head that offers you, the user, enhanced performance. The fork is made from 100% recycled steel and has been tested for quality and safety. The tool is supplied with a 2-year guarantee. There is also the possibility to set a “safety start” on the tool (adjustable crimping operation start with optional one or two ‘click’ trigger for safer handling of the tool).

Elpress PVX1300C2 contact crimps:
– Cu conductor 10-400 mm2 (400 mm2 not with DUAL function)***
– Al conductor 16-400 mm2
– C-sleeves 6-120 mm2

*** DV250 crimping head used for DUAL crimping 400 mm2

DUAL technology should be used in particularly severe conditions, such as in trucks, wind power plants and trains, where apart from their electrical properties, the joints are also exposed to corrosion, mechanical resistance and vibrations. Contact crimping takes place in a two-stage movement, first a hexagonal crimping that provides optimal symmetrical contact with the conductor, which means that no wires are broken or come apart in the edge facing the terminal. This is followed by an additional indent crimp, which provides 30% better electrical properties.

This product has replaced Elpress PVL1300DUAL Crimping Tool (10-300mm²).



  • Ergonomic design that optimizes the balance of the tool in the users hand
  • Buzzing signal and flashing light if right pressure is not achieved
  • LED lightning for work in dark environments
  • Possibility to document each crimp for unique service control
  • For service and installation use
  • Crimp force 124 kN (13 ton)
  • Crimps/ charge: 60-120 depending on size and temperature
  • Crimp time: 4-12 s depending on size
  • Working temperature -20°C to +40°C
  • Environmental friendly battery, Li-Ion Makita, 3.0 Ah, 18 V
  • 230 VAC battery charger Li-Ion Makita, charging time 22 min
  • LED indication of charge status
  • For service and installation use
  • Elpress PVX1300C2 and PVX1300C2-DB Battery Operated Crimping Tool is supplied with robust plastic case, battery, charger and instruction manual
  • Weight 5.4 kg (incuding battery)
  • Dimensions 412 x 319 x 75 mm
  • Display that gives you valuable information about your tool
  • Pressure display with battery status
  • Adjustable crimping operation start with optional one or two ‘click’ trigger for safer handling of the tool
  • Information on when the next service is due


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