Elpress PZD3 Miniforce Self-Setting Crimping Tool (0.5-6mm²)

Product overview

Elpress PZD3 Miniforce Self-Setting Crimping Tool (Range 0.5-6mm²) is a tested and certified mechanical miniforce hand tool for crimping End Terminals from 0.5 to 6mm² and Insulated TWIN End Terminals 2 x 0.5-2 x 4 mm².

Elpress PZD3 Features

  • A crimp mode that automatically adjusts itself
  • Front-feed
  • Can handle crimp lengths up to 17 mm
  • Locking function which only releases once crimping is complete
  • Emergency release if the crimping process must be interrupted
  • Clearly marked crimping positions
  • Adjustable if changes occur, ie after many crimps
  • Tested with Elpress Terminals
  • Ergonomic handle suitable for all users
  • Elpress PZD3 Miniforce Self-Setting Crimping Tool maximises the quality of work
  • Reduces the risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and other occupational injuries
  • Light and versatile design without compromising durability
  • Model C has extra long handles for two hand grip
  • Withstands at least 80.000 crimps
  • Supplied with certificate for basic quality monitoring

General Information

System Elpress consists of terminals and tools, designed and tested together to give a certified crimping result. This ensures that users will feel confident when using our systems. It also ensures the achievement of a secure connection through the proper handling of our products.

Elpress hydraulic crimp systems crimp from 10 to 1200 mm². The systems consist of pumps and crimp heads that can be freely combined or with complete hand-held tools, where these devices are integrated. Wide range of accessories available for crimping, pre-rounding, cutting etc. Together with the matching terminals, they form  a complete system. Both pumps and hand-held tools have, with a few exceptions, quick feed function that means crimping can begin after a few pump strokes. The systems have a built-in ratchet lock that ensures the completion of the initial crimp and thus, produces results with the best characteristics.

For more information on Elpress GEB4010 Miniforce Crimping Tool (4-10mm²), consult PDF File or Technical Data Table below.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Technical Data

Prod. Name Area AWG Crimp Geometry Net Weight Length Width
Elpress PZD3 0.5-6 mm2 20-10 Rectangle 0.472 kg 192 mm 66 mm

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