Elpress RPL1001 Assortment Box

Product overview

Elpress RPL1001 Assortment Box is a complete assortment box designed for electromechanical and service workshops, containing terminals and tools. Elpress RPL1001 Assortment Box is made of unbreakable plastic with polypropylene walls and polycarbonate lid. Practical and securely designed to be stackable with removable inserts, perfect for easy refilling of terminals.

Elpress RPL1001 Assortment Box

Elpress RPL1001 Contents

  • Certified crimping tool GSA0760, crimp area 0.5-6 mm²
  • Stripping tool SCT001, cuts and strips 0.5-6 mm²
  • 1489 pcs pre-insulated terminals 0.5-6 mm²: tabs, different kind of receptacles, fork terminals, ring terminals, bullets, sockets fully insulated, through connectors and pin terminals.
  • 30 compartments
  • 4 connection blocks
  • Net Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Length: 261 mm
  • Width: 338 mm
  • Height: 57 mm

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Technical Data

Product Name Net Weight Length Width Height
Elpress RPL1001 3.6 kgs 261 mm 338 mm 57 mm

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