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Elpress T2258 Crimping Tool (4-16mm²)

Product overview

Elpress T2258 Crimping Tool (Range 4-16mm²) is a crimping tool for Cu-terminals 4 – 16 mm², with improved ergonomics and less handle forces. New mechanism and new handles, as well as all the benefits from the old tool!

Certified crimping tool for non-insulated terminals 4-16 mm². The handle length allows that the final phase of the crimpcycle can be done with both hands, which result in increased comfort and efficiency.

Elpress T2258 Features

  • Certified tool for Cu-terminals (KRF/KRD/CUT)
  • Long handles allowing two handed operation for powerful, low effort crimping
  • Scissor movement for optimal access in narrow spaces
  • Ratchet release which is not released until the crimping is completed
  • Emergency release if the crimping sequence must be interrupted
  • Precision eccentric adjustment for consistent performance and ability to calibrate
  • Each Elpress T2258 Crimping Tool has a unique serial number for traceability


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Technical Data

Length 304mm
Width 30mm
Height 70mm
Weight 660g
Cable Size 4-16mm²
Crimp dimensions mm / mm² KR/KRF/KS/KSF 4-16 mm², CUT 6-16 mm², KR/KRD/KS/KSD 4-25 mm²
Life span, cycles 25.000

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