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Elpress T2600C Crimping Tool (10-120mm²) , Elpress T2600B Crimping Tool (10-120mm²) , Elpress T2600 Crimping Tool (10-95mm²)

Product overview

Elpress T2600B Crimping Tool for Cu Terminals (Range 10-120mm²) and Al Terminals (Range 16-25mm²) is a mechanical handtool for crimping of Cu Terminals and Al Terminals. Cu Terminals type KRD/ KSD from 10 to 120mm².

Note: Calibration and Certification of these tools can be performed prior to despatch if required (please allow 24/48 hours for this process). Calibration and Certification are in line with BS7609 requirements, and will ensure the durability and reliability of your crimping systems.
Please advise at the time of order/quote if you require these tools to be Calibrated and Certified and we will advise details of costs.


Elpress T2600B Features

  • Rapid opening enables easy die change and quick removal after jointing
  • Crimp die (TB7) is available for solid 10mm² Cu-connector, (for EXCL-type cable or similar)
  • Crimp force up to 57 kN
  • Rapid die closure and minimum handle force
  • Easy to operate in confined spaces
  • only four dies are required to crimp 10-120mm² Cu (KRD/ KRT)
  • Rapid feel function
  • Elpress T2600B Crimping Tool is supplied in a metal box
  • Equipped with full closure mechanism
  • Weight 1.9 kg
  • Length 440 mm, Width 140 mm


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    Technical Information

    • Information label for crimp tools T2600.