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Elpress T3165A1 Crimping Tool (10-70mm²) , Elpress T3165B Crimping Tool (10-95mm²) , Elpress T3165C Crimping Tool (10-95mm²)

Product overview

Elpress T3165C Crimping Tool (10-95mm²) is a tool for crimping of Cu Terminals & Connectors, KRT/ KST, 10-95mm².


Elpress T3165C Features

  • Certified tool for norm compliant connection
  • 30% lower handforce than earlier T2258 version makes the crimping easier
  • Ergonomic handles make the installation easier
  • Scissor movement for optimal access in narrow spaces
  • Ratchet release which is not released until the crimping is completed
  • Hexagonal crimping with clearly marked crimping dies
  • Possibility to adjustment at calibration after long time use
  • Elpress T3165C Crimping Tool (10-95mm²) is equipped with full closure mechanism
  • Crimp wheel of rolled steel which gives high durability
  • Crimp force up to 35 kN
  • Calibration adjustment possible
  • Weight 3.0 kg
  • Length 500 mm


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