Elpress Twist Connectors for Al-wires (31-99mm²)

Product overview

Elpress Twist Connectors for Al lines (31-99mm²) are made from Aluminium alloy. The connector is twisted in the opposite direction to the direction of lay of the wire strands. Part numbers available: Elpress 1006, Elpress 1009, Elpress 1010AL and Elpress 1014AL.

Twist Connectors for Al lines Properties

  • material aluminium
  • the joint is rotated so that it is screwed in the opposite direction to the turn of the line
  • tool: wrench

General Information

System Elpress consists of Terminals and Tools that are designed and tested together to give a certified crimping result. This ensures that users will feel confident when using our systems, and that a secure connection is achieved through the proper handling of our products. 7393487042797

The Elpress program for overhead line connectors includes products from splicing copper lines, alloyed aluminium lines type AlMgSi (Super B) and Al59, as well as for FeAl lines. In addition to the well-known copper and aluminium twist connectors, we also offer LFS and LFEAL contact crimp connectors that are crimped using the Elpress V600, V1300 and V250 systems. The LFS and LFEAL contact crimp connectors and Elpress System have been tested against requirements according to SS 4241241.

For more information on Elpress Twist Connectors for Al lines (1006, 1009, 1010AL, 1014AL), consult PDF File or Technical Data Table below.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Technical Data

Prod. Name mm2 W (mm) d (mm) D (mm) L (mm) Marking No of twists Pcs/ Pack
Elpress 1006 31 17,3 9,1 13,1 355 1006 XX 3,5 100
Elpress 1009 49 21 11 15,4 465 1009 XX 4 100
Elpress 1010AL 62 23 12 16,6 480  1010AL XX 4 10
Elpress 1014AL 99 28 14,7 19,7 660 1014AL XX 4,5 10


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