Elpress Un-Insulated Multiple Tabs (Range 0.5-2.5mm²). Part numbers: B1507FLSH, B2507FLSH

Product overview

Elpress Un-Insulated Multiple Tabs Rolled Type

Elpress Un-Insulated Multiple Tabs Rolled Type (Range 0.5-2.5mm²) are made from high grade 99.95% copper and are tin plated for good corrosion protection. Part numbers: Elpress B1507FLSH, B2507FLSH

General Information

Elpress Through Connectors, Ring, Pipe, Fork and Pin terminals are produced from high quality Copper 99.95%. The Receptacles and Sockets are made of brass. All terminals are then electro-tin plated for maximum corrosion protection. Terminals made of copper bands have a brazed neck which is soldered, which means that it can be crimped in any direction. Features include:

Elpress Uninsulated Terminals are, when possible, marked with logotype, max cross section area and any screw diameter to facilitate identification, inspection and crimp system work.

The International Electrical Commission (IEC) publishes internationally viable standards which, although not directly binding, often have great impact and are used as the basis for international deliveries. A technical report, IEC 61238-2, sets out the following recommendations regarding screw sizes for connecting terminals with Cu and Al plate provided that mounting takes place with a washer and with the correct tightening torque.

Conductor Area: 10 mm2 -> Screw: M6
Conductor Area: 16-50 mm2 -> Screw: M8
Conductor Area: 70-95 mm2 -> Screw: M10
Conductor Area: 120-300 mm2 -> Screw: M12
Conductor Area: 400-500 mm2 -> Screw: M16

UL is an American standard that is also internationally accepted. Elpress standard Cu-Terminals type KR/ KS, KRF/ KSF are UL approved according to no. E205350.

For more information on Elpress Un-Insulated Multiple Tabs Rolled Type (B1507FLSH, B2507FLSH), see Technical Data below.

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Technical Data

  • Material: brass/ Cu, tin plated Cu/Sn.
mm2 Cat. No. mm e t L For Tab s Pcs/ Pack Rec. Tool
0,5-1,5 B1507FLSH 8 0.4 20 6,3 x 0,8 7 100 GRB0560
1,5-2,5 B2507FLSH 8 0.4 20 6,3 x 0,8 7 100 GRB0560

t=metal thickness, s= strip length

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