Elpress V1311C Hydraulic Crimping Tool (10-400mm²)

Product overview

Elpress V1311C Hydraulic Crimping Tool for Cu (Range 10-400mm²) – (KRF 300mm²) is a hydraulic handtool for crimping Cu Terminals type KRF/ KSF from 10 to 300mm², KRD/ KSD 10-400mm², KRT/ KST 10-400mm² and C-sleeves up to 120mm². Uses the same die system as V1300C.

This product has been discontinued and replaced by: Elpress Crimp Tool V1311C2-A Hydraulic Handtool for Cu (Range 10-400mm²) and C-sleeves up to 120 mm².

Elpress V1311C Crimping Tool Features

  • Automatic two-step fast feed system
  • Full closure system which guarantees a complete crimp
  • The fork is rotatable 180°
  • Crimp force 130 Kn
  • Ergonomically shaped handles
  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Covers the common needs of Cu-Crimping for electricity utilities
  • Carry box (See image below)
  • Weight 6.4 kg, excl. accessories
  • Length 620 mm

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Technical Information

  • Image 1: Carry box supplied with V1311, V1311C, V1311C2.

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