Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct

Product overview

Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct

Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct (Size 50, 75, 100, 130, 150) is a versatile subterranean cable ducting system which enables simple and fast installation of buried cable routes. Complies with ENATS 12/24 Class 1 Specification.

EFLEX Square units are stackable, resulting in fast and simple installation, even in areas with limited space as it requires minimal excavation and no duct spacers. The flexible profile of the ducting means that no bend pieces are required.

Available in 5 sizes (Size 50,80, 100, 130, 150) the stackable units are supplied in 5.3m lengths with built-in male and female push-fit watertight connectors. For Technical Data, please advice Technical Data Table below.

Part Numbers: KFEP-50, KFEP-75, KFEP-100, KFEP-130, KFEP-150

Eflex Square - A Furukawa Electric Product

Applications – Sectors

The Duct System’s versatility and innovative range of accessories make it a great choice for any infrastructure project. Requiring shallower burial depths, EFLEX Square can save significant labour time and costs, and it’s square shape allows more cables to be installed in limited spaces.

Furukawa EFLEX Square size
Furukawa EFLEX Square Size


EFLEX Square Duct Advantages

Each EFLEX Square unit has a minimum bend radius up to 10 x its inner diameter. No separate bend pieces are necessary. Built-in male and female push-tight connectors ensure watertight interface.

Units are stackable, resulting in fast and simple installation, even in areas with limited space.

Buried at 300mm, EFLEX Square can handle loads equivalent to that of a 25 tonne truck. The shallower burial depth means a smaller trench is required, further reducing installation time and cost.

  • ENATS 12/24 Class 1 Specification
  • High compression strength (Appendix 3,JIS C 3653)
  • High fire-resistant (Appendix 3,JIS C 3653)
  • Connector part complies with IP67 (IEC-60529)

A 5.3m Size 100 unit weighs only 6,4kg.

  • Single-action connection.
  • Internal smoothness (easy cable installation)

Duct stacking configuration is determined by the user. Extensive range of accessories available to enable fast installation, interface with other duct types and quick connection to access chambers.

  • Ca connect to EFLEX Coil and EFLEX Straight.
  • Basically, part of connection is all watertight.
  • Furukawa Aqua Series have watertight connection with a moisture-activated expanding fabic lining. It’s very easy to install, without the need for tapes or putty.
  • Seemlessly integrates with Green Trough to provide the ultimate cable management pairing.

Self extinguishes in under 30 seconds according to JIS C3653.

Resistant to chemicals including distilled water, sodium chloride solutions, sulphuric acid, nitrate and sodium hydroxide solution.

Made from High Density Polyethylene and is fully recyclable.

System & Accessories

Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct - System & Accesories

For more information on Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct (Size 50, 75, 100, 130, 150), please advise Technical Data table or PDF Files below., 277670

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Technical Data

EFLEX Square Part Numbers Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Length (Effective) Total Weight 
Size 50 KFEP-50 50mm 73mm 5,3m (5,25m) 2,6kg
Size 75 KFEP-75 75mm 100mm 5,3m (5,25m) 4,5kg
Size 100 KFEP-100 100mm 125mm 5,3m (5,25m) 6,4kg
Size 130 KFEP-130 130mm 162mm 5,3m (5,25m) 11,5kg
Size 150 KFEP-150 150mm 184mm 5,3m (5,25m) 14,6kg

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