GIFAS Solid Rubber CEE Plug 63A 400V 5-pole (118827)

Product overview

GIFAS Solid Rubber CEE Plug 63A/400V 5-pole (118827)

GIFAS Solid Rubber CEE Plug 63A/400V 5-pole (118827) is a robust and durable solution, suitable for industrial, construction and other diverse applications. Unbreakable, resistant to most oils, acids and alkalis, flame retardant and corrosion resistant: Plug connections made of solid rubber are a plus in every aspect.

  • Resistant to most oils, acids and alkalis
  • Stainless Steel Screws set in brass press-fit bushings with dual anchor
  • Flame Retardant as per DIN IEC 695
  • Unbreakable solid rubber body
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Large connecting spaces ensure problem-free connection of the supply cable to the plugs, connectors and sockets.
  • Ergonomic shape for perfect handling

GIFAS CEE Plug 63A/400V 5-pole – Technical Features

Article Numbers: 118827
Pole No: 5
Amperes: 63
Protection Category: IP 44


  • 63A, 400V, 5-pole, 50-60Hz, 6h
  • Protection IP44
  • with Bajonettring
  • with nickel-plated contacts

General Information

GIFAS offers a wide range of solid rubber and plastic connectors. Their plug connectors have the characteristics of all of their solid rubber distributor housing. Large connecting space ensures a problem-free connection of the supply cable to the plugs, connectors and sockets. Extensive range of CEE and special connectors in extraordinary situations or choose one of our standard plastic connectors for everyday use. Designed to be handled roughly in heavy industry – tried and tested for over 60 years. GIFAS stands for proven quality when it comes to materials and components, ensuring that things run smoothly on site.

Plug connections made of solid rubber are made of 100% vulcanised, self-extinguishing butyl caoutchouc (Shore hardness 97) in accordance with VDE 0471 part 2.2. They are resistant to oils, various acids and alkalis as well as showers of sparks  From welding.

VA, double anchor screws with stainless brass press-in sockets are inserted into the housing. The peer-to-peer material connection and the solid rubber provide maximum impermeability and the avoidance of condensation due to e.g., temperature fluctuations.

Featuring elastic deformability that leads to reducing the possibility of breakage due to the use of solid rubber. Suitable for use in demanding environments.

Proven to relieve tension in the connecting cable. Safe, practical and durable.

For more information on GIFAS Solid Rubber CEE Plug 63A/400V 5-pole (118827), please advise Technical Data below. For additional information on Solid Rubber or Plastic CEE Plugs download PDF File.

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Technical Data

118827 5 63 IP 44 -63A, 400V, 5-pole, 50-60Hz, 6h, IP 44
-with Bajonettring
-with nickel-plated contacts

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