HCL EZB22AC Ezybond Earth Clamp (22mm)

Product overview

HCL Fasteners EZB22AC Ezybond Earth Clamp (22mm Pipe | 2,5-6mm2 Cable) is a quick and easy to assemble nylon clamping solution that conforms to BS951-2009. Features an innovative design, including a double grip jaw, conductor guide vanes and security locking tabs. Manufactured from Heat/ UV Stabilised ROHS-compliant Nylon 6.6. The Ezybond is the perfect Earth Bond Clamping solution with excellent mechanical, chemical, heat resistant and self extinguishing properties.

HCL EZB22AC Ezybond Earth Clamp – Features

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Reduces installation time by more than 50%
  • Manufactured from Heat/ UV Stabilised ROHS-compliant Nylon 6.6
  • ASTA approved electrical tests to BSI951:2009
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001-2015
  • Maintains continuous uniform metal contact
  • No screws or loose parts
  • Safe to use – No sharp edges
  • Increased security
  • Always correct size for pipe fitted
  • Corrosion resistant – can be used in damp environments

HCL EZB22AC Ezybond vs Standard Earth Clamps

Ezybond® offers a much faster installation time when compared to standard Earth clamps. The resulting cost reduction is highly advantageous to all users, ranging from Electricians to OEMs.

HCL EZB15AC Ezybond Earth Clamp (15mm) Comparison

Ezybond Range

HCL Fasteners Ltd – Product Range

HCL Fasteners Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of composite Polymer Hose Clamping, Fastening and Banding Solutions. Their range includes Polymer Hose Clamps, Bands, Ties and Special Tools to support and install these solutions. They also offer Cable Saddles, Protectors & Fittings, as well as Custom Solutions to match your project’s requirements. 

Suitable for a variety of demanding applications, including Subsea, Downhole & Offshore. HCL Clamps the go-to solution for anyone looking to secure cables, pipes, umbilicals, conduits and more in challenging environments

HCL Industries Applications

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Technical Data

EZB15AC 15 mm (0,59 inch) A - B : 2,5 - 6 mm2 11,9 mm (0,47 inch) 3,2 mm (0,126 inch) Black
EZB22AC 22 mm (0,87 inch) A - B : 2,5 - 6 mm2 12,9 mm (0,51 inch) 3,3 mm (0,130 inch) Black
EZB15D 15 mm (0,59 inch) D : 10 mm2 11,9 mm (O,47 inch) 3,0 mm (0,118 inch) Grey
EZB22D 22 mm (0,87 inch) D : 10 mm2 12,9 mm (0,51 inch) 3,4 mm (0,134 inch) Grey
HCL EZB15AC EZB22AC EZB15D EZB22D Ezybond Earth Clamp - Drawing

Performance Data

Colour Black
Clamp Material Nylon 6.6
Flammability UL 94 V-2
Max Long Term Operating Temperature 125°C (255°F)
Max Peak Operating Temperature 170°C (340°F)
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Hazardous Goods No
RoHS Compliant Yes

Product Video

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