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For over 30 years HCL Fasteners Ltd has been leading the world in the design and manufacture of composite Polymer Hose Clamping Systems and Banding Products & Solutions. Operating from Bath, HCL design and build all their clamping and fastening products in the UK to the highest possible standards. Their Clamp & Bands’ design aims to withstand the toughest environments and offer the strongest non-metallic performance in the world.

Product Range

HCL Fasteners’ comprehensive range includes Polymer Hose Clamps, Bands, Ties and Special Tools to support and install these solutions. They also offer Cable Saddles, Protectors & Fittings, as well as Custom Solutions to match your project’s requirements. 

Ezybond Earth ClampsTheir most prominent solution is the patented Ezybond ® Earth Clamp, conforming to BS951-2009. Quick and easy to assemble, with an innovative design – double grip jaw, conductor guide vanes and security locking tabs.

In addition to their own products HCL Fasteners also distributes a wide range of clamping products representing well know UK and international manufacturers, including Mikalor for their ASFA & Supra ranges, Rotor in the USA for its Constant Tensions, Oetiker for its Ear range, JCS for its Hi-Torque & Tamtorque, Norma for it’s Cobra Clamps & Jubilee for its Worm Drive Hose Clamps.

HCL Fasteners Applications

HCL Industries ApplicationsTheir solutions are suitable for a variety of demanding applications, including Subsea, Downhole & Offshore. HCL have become the go-to solution for anyone looking to secure cables, pipes, umbilicals, conduits and more in challenging environments.

HCL Fasteners Ltd Product Categories

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