Matsuo Current Fuse JAH

Product overview

Matsuo Current Fuse JAH is designed for circuit protection against excessive current in portable electronic equipment, electric circuit around battery, etc. because the demand for high capacity batteries is increasing.

Wire material is adopted for fuse element, and the performance against pulse resistance is improved in spite of compact design. Also, the ecology design of Current Fuse JAH Type is environmentally friendly because of its complete lead-free.



  • Our original terminal construction makes almost no occurrence of Tombstone phenomenon.
  • Our original construction design provides excellent fusing and quick acting characteristics.
  • Especially, performance against pulse resistance is excellent since wire material is used for fuse element.
  • Surface temperature rise is 75°C or less when applying rated current for fusing. This gives little influence to the peripheral units.
  • Small size of 3216 ( 3. 2×1. 6×1. 4 mm ).
  • Suitable for automatic mounting.
  • Precise dimensions allows high-density mounting and symmetrical construction of terminals provide “Self-Alignment”.
  • Resistance to soldering heat: Flow soldering 10 seconds at 260°C and Reflow soldering 5 seconds at 250°C respectively.
  • A tape carrier of 8 mm width will be provided as a standard package material.
  • Complete lead-free.



Type Type JAH
Category Temperature Range -40~+125℃
Rated Current 1.0-1.25-1.6-2.0-2.5-3.15-4.0-5.0-6.3-8.0-10.0-12.5A
Rated Voltage 72VDC
Voltage Drop 200mV max
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ or more
Fusing Characteristics Fusing within 1 minutes if the current is 200% of rated current.
Blocking Characteristic Breaking voltage:72V
Breaking current:50A


*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Additional Information

The application classification by use which divided the market and use into four is set up supposing our products being used for a broad use.

Please confirm the application classification by use of each product that you intend to use.

Moreover, please be sure to inform to our Sales Department in advance in examination of the use of those other than the indicated use.

Market Application classification by use Use Recommendation Type
Outline Typical example of application Circuit Protection Components
High reliability apparatus 1 -Apparatus in which advanced safety and reliability are demanded.

– Whether failure of the apparatus which cannot maintenance exchange products, and a product is direct for a human life, apparatus which changes or may cause a fatal system failure.

– Space development apparatus relation (Satellite, Rocket, Artificial Satellite)

– Aviation and a defensive system

– Atomic power, fire power, and a water-power generation system

With no relevance

Industrial apparatus

2 – Apparatus in which reliability is important.

– The apparatus in which maintenance exchange of a product is very difficult, and failure of a product influence a human life, or the range of failure is wide range.

– Vehicles control of transport machines, such as a car, and a railroad, a vessel (Engine control, drive control, brake control)

– The operation control system of the Shinkansen and a main artery

Type KAB N series
Type JAG N series
Type KVA N series
3 -Apparatus which can maintenance exchange products, and apparatus in which the loss of the system failure is large although failure of a product does not influence a human life, and maintenance engineering is demanded – Vehicle indoor loading parts, such as an air-conditioner and car navigation, and in-vehicle communication facility

– Security management system for home/buildings etc.

– Control apparatus, such as Industrial use robots and a machine tool etc.

Type KAB M series
Apparatus in general 4 – The small size and the thin article which applies leading-edge technology positively

– The product supposing being used widely in the market for the apparatus which can maintenance exchange products, and apparatus with a partial system failure by failure of product.

-Smart phone, Mobile phone, Mobile PC (tablet), Electronic dictionary

– Desktop PC, Notebook PC, Home network

– Amusement apparatus (Pachinko,Game machine)

Type KAB
Type KAB T series
Type KAH
Type JAE, Type JAG
Type JAH, Type JAH L series
Type JHB
Type JHC, Type JHC H series
Type KVA

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