Matsuo Film Capacitor 801

Product overview

Matsuo Film Capacitor 801 is a series of Capacitors suitable for Automotive, for time constant circuit and integration circuit that require stable capacity as well as for precision measuring machines and instruments. High Heat Resistant and High Frequency Characteristics. Maximum ambient temperature is 125℃.


  • Max. category temperature at 125℃ without voltage derating.
  • Excellent temperature stability of capacitance and capacitance change is within ±3% at room temperature (-40~+125℃).
  • Flat characteristics of ⊿C within ±1% at 100Hz~100kHz.
  • Excellent small secular change.
  • Suitable for severe environmental conditions such as automobile application.
  • Tape/reel and Ammo packaging is available for automatic insertion (Up to 0.047µF).

Matsuo Film Capacitor 801 – Rating

Type 801
Failure Rated Level Not specified (Code A)
Category Temperature Range -40~+125℃
Rated Voltage 50、100、200VDC
Capacitance 0.001~0.1µF
Capacitance tolerance ±1% (Code F)
±2% (Code G)
±5% (Code J)
±10% (Code K)
Dielectric Material PPS


*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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