Nexans 3CK-HSS Heat-Shrink Trifurcating Breakout Kits

Product overview

Nexans 3CK-HSS Heat-Shrink Trifurcating Breakout Kits (Multi Core)

Nexans 3CK-HSS Heat-Shrink Trifurcating Breakout Kit range of un-screened kits are suitable for converting three-core polymeric insulated MV cables (XLPE and EPR) into single-core formation. Provides moisture and abrasion resistance to the insulated cores. Generally used in conjunction with fully screened MV Separable Connectors, e.g. Euromold, Pfisterer MV-CONNEX and more.
Part Numbers: 3CK-HSS-1, 3CK-HSS-2, 3CK-HSS-3.

Manufactured from cross-linked self-extinguishing polymeric insulating material, UV and thermally resistant and internally coated with a hot melt adhesive. Each breakout kit consists of an anti-tracking heat shrink three-core breakout, 3 x 500mm long anti-tracking tubes, sealing mastic and installation instructions. Longer tail lengths or extension sleeving are also available.

Nexans 3CK-HSS Applications

For environmental protection of the exposed cores and crutch of 3 and 4 core polymeric insulated cables when terminated with Nexans screened separable connectors. Suitable for use on medium voltage cables up to 36kV (where the cable screening is grounded within the used separable connector). These anti-tracking heatshrink unscreened trifurcating kits are equally suitable as additional insulation when installing unscreened three-core 3.3kV cables.

When used as a MV trifurcating kit, install with care and adhere to the installation instructions of the separable connectors. Additional materials may be necessary for armour (SWA or AWA) earthing.

Trifurcating Kits Ordering Information

The kit consists of: 1 x Heat-shrink Anti-tracking Breakout, 3 x 500 mm Anti-tracking core tubes, 1 x sealing mastic and installation instructions.

The breakout kits are dependant on cable requirements. When ordering please give diameter of core insulation, overall diameter of cable and number of cores (for 4 core cables please state whether all core insulations are the same diameter). If these are unknown please give kV rating, core size in sqmm, number of cores and whether armoured/ unarmoured. For relevant solderless earth kits for copper tape screened cables please refer to the appropriate section in the catalogue.

Please note these are not termination kits and installer should use relevant cable terminations in conjunction with these kits.

Additional Technical Data of Nexans 3CK-HSS Heat-Shrink Trifurcating Breakout Kits (3CK-HSS-1, 3CK-HSS-2, 3CK-HSS-3) can be found on the table below. For more information, please advise PDF File. Nexans 17JTS1 W

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Technical Data

Order Ref. Insulation Diameter Range 3.3 kV Cables
7.2 kV Cables 12-17.5 kV Cables 24 kV Cables 36 kV Cables
3CK-HSS-1 14-26 50-185 mm2 25-120 mm2 25-95 mm2 25-70 mm2 -
3CK-HSS-2 20-42 185-400 mm2 95-240 mm2 95-185 mm2 95-300 mm2 70-185 mm2
3CK-HSS-3 28-52 - 300-400 mm2 240-400 mm2 300-400 mm2 185-400 mm2

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