PFISTERER MV-CONNEX: Top-class technology from the inventor of the inner cone system

PFISTERER MV-CONNEX: Top-class technology from the inventor of the inner cone system

In 1975, PFISTERER showcased the first ever plug-in connection for mid-voltage cables. Back then it was a revolution, these days it’s the norm. And we literally mean the norm, as the EN 50180/EN 50181 standards are based on the CONNEX system by PFISTERER. Nowadays, PFISTERER MV-CONNEX is still the benchmark for medium voltage cables. Ultimate safety, maximum power, and an unbeatably wide range of designs and special solutions are the hallmarks of the system. In addition to the traditional socket-plug combination, there are a number of smart system extensions for special applications.

Overview of PFISTERER’s MV CONNEX portfolio

Key features

  • Satisfies all requirements you may have for a universal connection system
  • Full insulation, metal encapsulation and touch safety
  • Maintenance-free, suitable for outdoor use, submersible and for use under even the harshest conditions
  • Simple assembly for components, removing complicated oil and gas work during the installation and start-up of transformers and switchgear
  • Comes in a wide range of variants, including multiple sockets, busbar coupling systems, surge arresters, variants for the creation of above-ground or underground branch points, motor connections and test adapters

Everything in one: The CONNEX multiple transformer connection for up to four cables

The multiple elbow bushing installs on the mid-voltage side of the power transformer, instead of the standard porcelain bushings. This allows distribution of power in the simplest way possible in a completely touch-proof system. As a result, bulky terminal boxes are now a thing of the past.

PFISTERER GROUP MV-CONNEX SystemPlug-in motor connections reduce downtimes

High-performance motors can be connected and replaced within a short space of time thanks to the CMA CONNEX motor connection. As CONNEX solutions tend to come with full encapsulation, the terminal boxes normally needed are no longer required.

PFISTERER MV-CONNEX bus couplings for GIS

With busbar couplings, you can create simple module-based SF6 gas-insulated switchgears and even expand them on site because the gas chamber no longer needs opening for installation. The portfolio includes variants from 24 kV to 42 kV.

CONNEX surge arresters from 6 kV to 52 kV

CONNEX surge arresters protect metal-enclosed switchgears and transformers. The surge arrester attaches directly to the switchgear and prevents excessively high levels of overvoltage from penetrating the system. The surge arresters are particularly effective at restricting overvoltage generated by reflected traveling waves and switching surges.

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