Nexans Euromold 784TB Separable Tee Connector (Cu) (784TB/G, K784TB/G, M784TB/G, P784TB/G)

Product overview

Nexans Euromold 784TB Separable Tee Connector
For use with Bushings with Copper Contact Rod

Nexans Euromold 784TB Separable Tee Connector (Cu) is a tee-connector (bolted type) used to terminate MV-HV XLPE/EPR (polymeric) insulated cables up to 42kV to medium/high voltage electrical equipment (transformers, switchgear, motors, etc.). Meets the requirements of CENELEC HD 629,1. Also used to connect cable to cable when using the appropriate mating parts.
Type 784TB Part Numbers: 784TB/G, K784TB/G, M784TB/G, P784TB/G.

Euromold 784TB is a bolted separable tee connector specified to terminate and connect medium/high voltage cables in the following voltage classes:

  • 6/10 (12kV)
  • 6.35/11 (12kV)
  • 8.7/15 (17.5kV)
  • 12/20 (24kV)
  • 12.7/22 (24kV)
  • 18/30 (36kV)
  • 19/33 (36kV)
  • 20.8/36 (42kV)

Technical Characteristics

  • A thick conductive EPDM jacket provides a total safe to touch screen which ensures safety for personnel.
  • Each separable connector is tested for AC withstand and partial discharge prior to leaving the factory.

Specification & Design

The 784TB separable connector meets the requirements of CENELEC HD 629,1.

Type 784TB
Conductor Size
784TB/G 12 kV 1250 Amps 50-630 mm2
K784TB/G 24 kV 1250 Amps 35-630 mm2
M784TB/G 36 kV 1250 Amps 35-630 mm2
P784TB/G 42 kV 1250 Amps 35-630 mm2


Nexans Euromold 784TB Alu DesignSeparable connector comprising:

  1. Conductive EPDM insert
  2. Conductive EPDM jacket
  3. Insulating EPDM layer moulded between the insert and the jacket
  4. Type E 5/8″ interface as described by IEEE 386.
  5. Conductor contact
  6. Basic insulating plug 858 BIPA (with VD point)
  7. Cable reducer
  8. Conductive rubber cap
  9. Stud & flange nut 5/8″
  10. Earthing lead

The screen break design enables cable outer sheath testing without removing or dismantling the connector.

784TB Tee Connector Kit Contents

The complete (K)(M)(P)784TB/G tee connector kit comprises 3 x the following components. The kit also comprises silicone grease, field control mastic, gloves, wipers, roll adhesive tape, installation instructions, venting rod and crimp chart.Nexans Euromold 784TB Cu Kit

For Ordering Instructions and Part Number Selection Table of Nexans Euromold 784TB Separable Tee Connector (Cu) (784TB/G, K784TB/G, M784TB/G, P784TB/G), please refer to the Technical Data Table Below. For additional General and Technical Information, download PDF File.

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Technical Data


To order the tee connector, select the ordering part number which gives you the best centring of your core insulation diameter and substitute X using table X, according to your conductor size and type. Add a 'K' for use up to 24 kV, add an 'M' for use up to 36 kV and a 'P' for use up to 42 kV.

Example: The copper wire screened cable is 36 kV, 240 mm2 stranded aluminium with a diameter over core insulation of 37 mm. Order 3 x M784TB/G-S-32-240BI2 tee connector kit.

3 x 784TB/G-S-15-X 16 mm 22 mm
3 x 784TB/G-S-19-X 20 mm 26.5 mm
3 x 784TB/G-S-22-X 23.5 mm 31 mm
3 x 784TB/G-S-27-X 28.5 mm 37.5 mm
3 x 784TB/G-S-32-X 34 mm 42.5 mm
3 x 784TB/G-S-37-X 39 mm 48.5 mm
3 x 784TB/G-S-43-X 45.5 mm 56 mm



DIN Hexagonal
Alu Conductor
Deep Indent
Alu & Cu Conductor
Cu Conductor
DIN Hexagonal
35 mm2 35BI2 35BI1 16.95UN5 35CU2
50 mm2 50BI2 50BI1 16.95UN5, 50.150UN5 50CU2
70 mm2 70BI2 70BI1 16.95UN5, 50.150UN5 70CU2
95 mm2 95BI2 95BI1 16.95UN5, 50.150UN5, 95.240UN5 95CU2
120 mm2 120BI2 120BI1 50.150UN5, 95.240UN5, 120.300UN5 120CU2
150 mm2 150BI2 150BI1 50.150UN5, 95.240UN5, 120.300UN5 150CU2
185 mm2 185BI2 185BI1 95.240UN5, 120.300UN5, 185.400UN5 185CU2
240 mm2 240BI2 240BI1 95.240UN5, 120.300UN5, 185.400UN5 240CU2
300 mm2 300BI2 300BI1 120.300UN5, 185.400UN5 300CU2
400 mm2 400BI2 400BI1 185.400UN5, 400.630UN5 400CU2
500 mm2 500BI2 500BI1 400.630UN5 500CU2
630 mm2 - 630BI1 400.630UN5 630CU2

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