PFISTERER LV Piercing Connector Type 1 / XS (332 710 010)

Product overview

PFISTERER LV Piercing Connector Type 1 / XS (332 710 010) is an insulated screw connector for low voltage cables with insulation-piercing contact geometry and shear bolts. The screw design ensures that the conductor is not damaged during installation. The connector has been designed so that contact protection as per IP2X is provided during the entire assembly sequence and there is also no danger of a short circuit.

Material: Body – Aluminium (tinned) | Bolt – Aluminium

Key Advantages

  • Piercing connector – no stripping of the individual wires with PVC, XLPE and PILC insulation.
  • Electrically and mechanically tested in accordance with IEC 61238-1.
  • Contact protection as per IP2X against electrical hazards, during all installation steps. Type 3 and above, plastic flaps prevent contact.
  • Easy, safe installation – ideal for live-line working – ensure occupational safety.
  • Assembly with standard tools. Once you reach optimal contact force, bolt gently breaks away at a suitable torque depending on the type.
  • Designed for resin based and injection joints.
  • Mountable side by side into a multiple block without additional material.
  • Shear off bolts prevent installation errors.
  • Compact design – less cast resin.
  • Creepage distance conform to EN 60664, Pollution Degree 1.

LV Piercing Connector Additional Features

LV Piercing Connectors Product FamilyNo preparatory work is necessary on the conductor (e.g. stripping). LV piercing connectors feature a piercing system that penetrates the conductor insulation and makes contact with conductor ends, regardless of the conductor cross-section, type and insulation.

A rotatable disc at the base of the bolt prevents damage to individual strands and ensures the correct contact force. The small size of LV piercing connectors make any subsequent work easier. Compact joints with cast resin mean that installer requires fewer resources for the installation.

There is no need for further accessories in order to place connectors close to each other. Type 1 and 2 feature a pushtogether system: join together multiple connectors to form a compact unit. With type 3 to 5, the elimination of the cover caps ensures the smallest possible dimensions.

For additional General and Technical Information on PFISTERER LV Piercing Connector Type 1 / XS (332 710 010), please refer to the Technical Data Table below or download PDF File.

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Technical Data

Article No Conductor Cross Section
CU Solid Circular
No of Screws  Shear-off Torque Surface  Width Across Flats Screw Type
332 710 010  1-10 mm2 2  2-3 Nm Tinned SW 4  Shear bolt

Inspection Hole Blind Hole Legth Width Height Core Diameter
No  Yes 51 mm 21 mm 28-34 mm ∅ 5.7 mm

Product Video

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