Product overview

Prysmian BICON Low Voltage 4-way Underground Pre-Cast Link Disconnecting Box (924PC series) connects or isolates underground low voltage cable networks. The new technology will greatly reduce time spent on replacing older, heavy units that are coming to the end of their life cycle. The technology facilitates ease of installation and operation by removing the heavy cast-iron bell lids and replacing them with lightweight materials. Unlike alternative products, the new link boxes are designed to be easily repaired with interchangeable modular components that have the added benefit of connecting to auxiliary equipment.
Part Numbers: 92401PC001L, 92401PC002L, 8208004.

Underground Link Disconnecting Box Features

  • Easy installation.
  • No heavy bell lid, making access easier.
  • Supplied with four individual link chamber covers for safer operation.
  • Repairable link chambers.
  • Increasable chamber height/ volume with additional chamber walls.
  • Supplied with or without a full set of solid links in a storage box.
  • All internal connectors tested to BS EN 61238-1:2003.
  • Link box meets and exceeds ENA TS 09-23:2004 for solid links and fuses.
  • Short circuit tested to 28,3kA for one second to meet the requirements of 300mm2 waveform cable as per BS 7870-3.40:2001.

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*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Technical Data

924T3 Series Link Box

Part Number Description Weight
92401PC001L 4-Way 3 Core Pre-Card Link Box 150 kg
92401PC002L 4-Way 3/4 Core Pre-Cast Link Box 145 kg
8208004 4-Way 4 Core Conversion Kit for 924PC02 12 kg

Tooling and Spares

Part Number Description Weight
8201000 Contact Post Extender (Fusemate) 0.55 kg
82200009 Light Weight Pavement Cover Lift Key (1 off) 0.18 kg
88010002 Insulated Wedge Type Link Removal Tool 0.26 kg
88010003 Solid Wedge Type Link 0.45 kg
88010190 Fuse Tightening Tool 0.16 kg
8213001 Link Box Earthing Kit (Single Side) 2.00 kg
8215001 Replacement Chamber Wall Assembly 0.80 kg
8216001 Extension Chamber Wall Kit 0.86 kg
8217001 Replacement Lid Assembly 0.80 kg
8218001 Replacement Toggle Kit 0.10 kg
8220010 Complete Insulated Toolkit 7.00 kg

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