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Prysmian BICON Firefix Single Clip Cable Cleat Kit , FPNF01R, UFPNF01R , FPNF01W, UFPNF01W, fp firefix cleats

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Firefix Single Clip Cable Cleat Kit is a kit that includes Firefix Single Clip Cable Cleats, ITW nails and gas cartridge, all the components required to fix and install the Cleats. Prysmian BICON FP Firefix Single Clip Cable Cleat Kits recommended for use with Prysmian Fire Resistant Cables (FP).

The FP FIREFIX system is a joint venture between Prysmian, market leaders in fire resistant cables and ITW Construction Products, manufacturers of SPIT PULSA™ gas nailing technology.

The system utilises gas nailing technology to install fire performance cables directly to a substrate. Unlike conventional clipping methods, this is an extremely fast and easy way to fix FP200 Gold® cable whilst offering significant installation cost savings.

Part Numbers:

Note: The Pulsa 700E and Pulsa 800E Tool are sold separately!


Features & Benefits

  • Fast and easy to install – No need for drilling, plugging or screwing – Installation only takes 10 seconds
  • Meets the cable support requirements of British standards: BS5839-1: 2002, BS5266-1: 2011 and BS5839-8: 2006 and LUL Approved product register ID 1960.
  • Securely holds one FP cable – Ideal for single cable runs
  • Compact, aesthetically pleasing design – Ideal for visible installations
  • Prysmian BICON Firefix Single Clip Cable Cleat Kit is designed to be used with the Spit Pulsa gas nailing technology for rapid installation – No need for an adaptor
  • Can be installed prior to cabling – Reducing the need for an electrician at this stage of fixing
  • Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel which is coated with an intumescent LSOH coating in either white or red to match the cable
  • Tool does NOT use an explosive charge – No explosive charge licence required
  • Can be fixed to steel, block work, composite steel decking, brick or concrete
  • 10 year warranty offered on Prysmian FP cable system when installed using FP firefix cleats


FP Firefix Installation

The Prysmian BICON Firefix Single Clip Cable Cleat is attached directly to the PulsaTM 800E gas tool. The clip is securely fixed by a nail to the surface; be it steel, block work, composite steel decking, brick or concrete. The FP cable is then inserted and clip closed. It takes just 10 seconds to fix, making a huge saving in time and money.

  1. Position the FP FIREFIXTM clip directly on to the nail guide (No adaptors required)
  2. Ensure the substrate is clear before pushing the Spit Pulsa™ tool against the substrate, and nailing the clip into position
  3. Place the FP cable into the clip
  4. Close clip


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London Underground

Prysmian FP

Technical Data

Kit contents: Clips, ITW Nails and gas cartridge. Nailing tool sold separately. Part No: PULSA800E

Design Number 


Design Number 


Colour Cable Diameter Installed Dimensions



Size (mm)



Weight Ea


Kit Weight


A Min (mm) A Max (mm) Height Width Length
FPNF01R UFPNF01R Red 7.7 8.2 13.6 13.8 15.3 17 500 4.4 2.5
FPNF01W UFPNF01W White 7.7 8.2 13.6 13.8 15.3 17 500 4.4 2.5 
FPNF01R15 UFPNF01R15 Red 7.7 8.2 13.6 13.8 15.3 15 500 4.2 2.5 
FPNF01W15 UFPNF01W15 White 7.7 8.2 13.6 13.8 15.3 15 500 4.2 2.5 
FPNF03R UFPNF03R Red 8.2 9.2 13.6 13.8 15.3 15 500 4.2 2.5 
FPNF03W UFPNF03W White 8.2 9.2 13.6 13.8 15.3 15 500 4.2 2.5 

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Kit Contents

  • Clips
  • ITW nails
  • Gas cartridge

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