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Prysmian BICON Industrial Cable Jointing Kits - MPJEM-U Series (Low Voltage) (MPJEMJ1U, MPJEMJ2U, MPJEMJ3U, MPJEMJ4U, MPJEMJ5U, MPJEMJ6U, MPJEMJ7U, MPJEMJ8U)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON MPJEM-U Industrial Cable Joints (LV)

Prysmian BICON MPJEM-U Industrial Cable Joints (LV) are straight joints for LV cables with copper conductors from 1.5mm² to 300mm². Part Numbers: MPJEMJ1U, MPJEMJ2U, MPJEMJ3U, MPJEMJ4U, MPJEMJ5U, MPJEMJ6U, MPJEMJ7U, MPJEMJ8U

  • Low Hazard Isocynate free JEM resin
    – Twin Pack mixing in clear laminate sachets
    – Extremely low viscosity combined with enhanced adhesion
  • Transparent injection moulded polypropylene shells up to size 4 and vacuum formed clear HIPS for the larger sizes.
  • Slim-line design for use with compression connectors.

Technical Data

  • Low Voltage Straight Joints for 600/1000 Volt unarmoured polymeric insulated copper conductors.
  • Tested and approved to BS EN 50393 & ENA ER C81.
  • JEM Resin
    – Easier mixing in “Twin Pack” totally enclosed mixing in a clear laminate sachet.
    – Extremely low mix viscosity allows void free joint filling.
    – JEM Resin is insensitive to moisture and will cure under water.
    – Enhanced adhesion to XLPE, MDPE, PVC & lead.
    – High flash point, non-flammable liquid – No special storage or transport requirements.
    – Not classified as irritating to the skin or eyes.
    – Does not cause skin sensitization.

Prysmian BICON Cable Joints

For many years, BICON has been in the forefront of jointing technology, from designs using bituminous filling compounds, to the development of the highly successful BICAST acrylic resin jointing system.

Most recently , we have supplemented these ranges with heat shrink and pre-moulded products (BIMOLD) and can now offer a unique package to satisfy all requirements.

All four systems are available at voltages up to or above 33 kV and, depending on application, each may offer benefits over the others.

For instance, termination of high voltage polymeric cables requiring the facility to disconnect or add in additional cables at a later stage, means that BIMOLD is the logical choice. Likewise, BICAST provides a fast, comprehensive jointing method with a versatile range covering low and high voltage and all cable types.

Download PDF file for Prysmian BICON MPJEM-U Industrial Cable Joints (LV) Technical Data.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice. MPJEMJ1U, MPJEMJ3U, MPJEMJ5U

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