Prysmian BICON 377AB Multistrap Trefoil Cable Cleat System (Quadrafoil - Multistrap)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON 377AB Multistrap Trefoil Cable Cleat is a Stainless Steel Strap suitable for securing groups of cables of differing sizes and other miscellaneous arrangements. It is part of tMulti cleat/ Multistrap Quadcleat - Quadracleat System 378 Series he Prysmian BICON Multicleat System and used in conjuction with 378AB, 378AD, 378JB, 378PF. With an unprecedented test portfolio and service record, it should be your first choice for trefoil and single cable installations requiring a high system fault current rating!
Part Numbers (Standard): 377AB01, 377AB02, 377AB03, 377AB04, 377AB05, 377AB06, 377AB07, 377AB08, 377AB09.
Part Numbers (Heavy Duty): 377AB51, 377AB52, 377AB53, 377AB54, 377AB55, 377AB56, 377AB57, 377AB58, 377AB59, 377AB36, 377AB37, 377AB38, 377AB39, 377AB40, 377AB41, 377AB42.

Multistraps are used as intermediate restraints and are positioned centrally between a pair of Multicleats. Standard and Heavy-Duty products have different short circuit ratings related to their installation spacing. All Trefoil Multicleats, Quadrafoils, Quadcleats and Multistraps now come with a disposable shear torque tensioning adapter designed to aid the closure of the cleats and also better control the tension applied during installation.

Prysmian BICON 377AB Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for use with trefoil cable diameters 24 to 145mm.
  • Suitable for use with single cable diameters 36 to 120mm.
  • Large range take on each size.
  • All straps manufactured from non-magnetic 316L Stainless Steel.
  • Liners are made from LS0H materials.
  • Suitable for single core cables laid in trefoil formation with high fault current capacities.
  • Suitable for use with all standard ladder and tray systems.
  • Suitable for groups of dissimilar cables.
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN 61914 (IEC 61914).

Installation Sequence

Prysmian BICON Multicleats come with a disposable tensioning aid (introduced in response to customer requests to improve speed and tightness of installation). The adapter fits into the open end of the winding pin and used with a standard 13mm socket wrench to tighten the strap. Installer can then use the same 13mm socket to tighten the locking nut and finish the installation.

Prysmian BICON Multicleat / Multistrap/ Multi cleat/ Multi strap System 378 Series Installations Sequence

Fasten base to support with M10 fixings. Loop strap through base and around cables (2 loops for Standard, 3 loops for Heavy Duty).


Pull slack into the outer loop. Insert a split pin around the outer strap layer 10mm from the end. Attach the plastic shear torque adapter and a 13mm socket wrench. Rotate the key counterclockwise with the wrench to tension the strap until the adapter shears.


Remove the shear torque adapter and wrench. Swing the key over and engage in slots in clip.


Important Note

 Horizontal changes in direction, restraint spacing of 300mm maximum. Use Multistrap and/or Multicleat, as appropriate, to suit support structure. To ensure adequate restraint, Multistrap MUST be used at the mid-point between cleats on all horizontal and vertical straight runs:Quadrafoil

For Additional Information on Prysmian BICON 377AB Multistrap Trefoil Cable Cleat, please advise Technical Data Table or PDF Files below.

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Technical Data

Aluminium - Standard Aluminium - Heavy Duty Trefoil - Minimum Individual Cable Diameter Trefoil - Maximum Individual Cable Diameter Liner Weight Standard Duty (01-08) Weight Heavy Duty (51-42)
377AB01 377AB51 24 mm 34 mm 377LSF01 0,160 kg 0,199 kg
377AB02 377AB52 30 mm 41 mm 377LSF01 0,171 kg 0,218 kg
377AB03 377AB53 37 mm 47 mm 377LSF01 0,194 kg 0,24 kg
377AB04 377AB54 43 mm 54 mm 377LSF01 0,211 kg 0,259 kg
377AB05 377AB55 50 mm 60 mm 377LSF02 0,225 kg 0,278 kg
377AB06 377AB56 56 mm 67 mm 377LSF02 0,240 kg 0,299 kg
377AB07 377AB57 63 mm 73 mm 377LSF02 0,253 kg 0,322 kg
377AB08 377AB58 69 mm 80 mm 377LSF02 0,270 kg 0,342 kg
377AB09 377AB59 - - 377LSF02 - -
- 377AB36 72 mm 85 mm 377LSF02 - 0,356 kg
- 377AB37 82 mm 95 mm 377LSF05 - 0,388 kg
- 377AB38 92 mm 105 mm 377LSF05 - 0,422 kg
- 377AB39 102 mm 115 mm 377LSF06 - 0,453 kg
- 377AB40 112 mm 125 mm 377LSF06 - 0,484 kg
- 377AB41 122 mm 135 mm 377LSF06 - 0,515 kg
- 377AB42 132 mm 145 mm 377LSF06 - 0,545 kg

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