Prysmian BICON Pre-Insulated Terminals (0.5-6mm²)

Product overview

Prysmian BICON Pre-Insulated Terminals (0.5-6mm²) is the most comprehensive of small terminal ranges comprising of a variety of styles. The full range includes a variety of colors and sizes of rings, forks, pins, blades, hooks, butt splices, push-ons, end connectors and male and female bullets.

The PVC terminal sleeve is tapered internally to allow ease of insertion of conductors and is rated at 80°C operating temperature. Disconnectable terminals such as ‘bullets’ and ‘push-ons’ incorporate an insulation grip in the entry portion on the connector to protect the cable against damage when making disconnections.

Prysmian BICON Pre-Insulated Terminals – Features

  • Easy Entry (Prefix BE-)
    A range featuring funnelled insulation. Ensures all conductors are channelled into position before crimping.
  • Disconnect (Prefix BD-)
    Giving the facility to disconnect any piece of electrical apparatus.
  • CEGB (Prefix BC-)
    Fully CEGB approved terminals with indentification markings on both insulation and tooling. Ensures the matching of the correct items.
  • Grip (Prefix BG-)
    For use in applications where vibration may prove to be a problem. Metallic fingers grip the cable insulation. Additionally the standard nylon insulation makes the BG range suitable for high temperature applications up to 105°C.

Download PDF file to view the full range of Prysmian BICON Pre-Insulated Terminals.

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