Product overview

Prysmian BICON Single Way Telcleat 385AA05 is a single piece cleat which provides protection against all weather conditions and simple installation on a one-piece, single fixing design.


  • SWA Cable Cleat, suitable for use with cable diameters 21.7mm to 28.5mm.
  • Manufactured from Low Density Polythene.
  • Overlapping self-adjusting ranges.
  • Sunlight (UV) and weather resistant.
  • One-piece, single fixing design.
  • Can be double stacked on a single fixing.
  • Operating temperature -40ºC to +60ºC.
  • Prysmian BICON Single Way Telcleat 385AA05 is tested in accordance with BS EN 50368.
  • Part Numbers: 385AA05.
  • Standard Pack Quantity: 25pcs.


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Technical Data

Design Number Cable Diameter A (mm) Min Cable Diameter A (mm) Max Standard Pack Quantities Dimensions (mm) B Min Dimensions (mm) B Max Dimensions (mm) C Max Dimensions (mm) D Weight (g) Roundhead Woodscrew masonry, concrete or wood ins X No Screw Bolt for Cable Tray mm
385AA05 21.7 28.5 25 30 37 57 20 12.4 2 1/4 x 12 M6 x 50

Performance Data

Test Standard EN 50368:2003
Type 6.12 Non-Metallic
Impact Resistance 6.2.4 Heavy -> 6.2.5 V.Heavy
Lateral Load 0.188 -> 0.775 kN
Axial Load 0.046 -> 1.118 kN
Needle Flame  >60 secs

Method Of Fixing

This single way cleat is opened and placed around the cable so that the end of the cleat containing the slot will be in contact with the mounting surface, except for the 385AA01, which should be be reversed to put the slot uppermost. In this case an M5 washer should be used to prevent the nut entering the slot of the cable cleat. When mounting directly on channel section an adaptor plate should be used.

*Technical information subject to change without notice

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