Snake Tray 201 Series - Cable Tray & Accessories (CM 201-24-8, CM 201-6-8) (Anchors, Brackets

Product overview

Snake Tray 201 Series – Cable Tray is utilised both below raised floors and overhead either mounted to walls or suspended from the ceiling. Snake Eyes (mounting rings) are located along the center spine, allowing easy attachment of threaded rod for suspended applications. The 201 Series comes in a single or double pocket design to accommodate any kind of cable run. Accessories available.
Popular Part Numbers: CM 201-24-8, CM 201-6-8

Snake Tray is the world’s only hand-bendable cable tray that requires no labor-intensive cutting and clipping in order to construct fast cable tray bends. Installs overhead, on walls and under access floors.

Its hand bendable design combined with Snake Tray’s built-in mounting hardware gives Snake Tray the installation cost saving advantage over any other cable tray system in today’s market. Installers are able to create turns in 10 seconds versus 20 minutes with wire mesh cable tray!

Features & Benefits

  • Patented hand bendable design (No Fabrication required)
  • Built-in mounting/hanging hardware
  • Single connection provides both mechanical and electrical bond
  • Hangs from a single point
  • Trays nest together for compact and cost effective material handling and shipping
  • Open architecture allows for easy loading of cables

Snake Tray 201 Series – Cable Tray

For Technical Data, download Datasheet or advise table at the bottom of the page.

Drawing Part Number Datasheet
CM 201-24-8, CM 201-6-8 CM 201-24-8 Download
201 snake tray CM 201-3-8 Download
CM 201-425-8 Download
CM 201-24-8, CM 201-6-8 CM 201-6-8 Download
201 snake tray CM 201-425D-8 Download
CM 201-5D-8 Download

For Technical Data, download Datasheet or advise table at the bottom of the page.

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Technical Data


Drawing Part Number Physical Dimensions Loading Dimensions Physical Volume Cable Capacity Weight Finish
CM 201-24-8 3"H x 8'L x 5"W 2"D x 4"W 8 si 82 4½ # G/SS/PC
CM 201-3-8 4 7/8"H x 8'L x 4"W 3"D x 3"W 9 si 92 5 # G/SS/PC
CM 201-425-8 6¼"H x 8'L x 5¼"W 4¼"D x 4¼"W 18 si 185 5½ # G/SS/PC
CM 201-6-8 6¾"H x 8'L x 7"W 4"D x 6"W 24 si 250 6½ # G/SS/PC
CM 201-425D-8 7 ¼"H x 8'L x 11 ½ "W 4 ¼"D x 4 ¼"W 36 si 370 8 ½ # G/SS/PC
CM 201-5D-8 CM 201-5D-8 8 ¾" x 8' x 13 ¾" 5"D x 5"W 50 si 510 11 # G/SS/PC

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