Snake Tray 401 Series - Cable Tray & Accessories

Product overview

Snake Tray 401 Series – Accessories include Seismic Bracing Kits with Crimp Tool & Cutter, Threaded Rods, Concrete Wedge Anchors, Hanger Brackets for Threaded Rod Suspension and Attachment Hardware for 401 series cable tray.

Snake Tray 401 Series – Cable Tray & Accessories is a mini cable manager that will handle up to 165 voice/data cables. Mounting rings run along two planes allowing for multiple mounting configurations. Hand bendable design allows for easy changes in direction without using tools or additional hardware. Snake Race eliminates any undue stresses on sagging cables by maintaining support and proper bending radii for all types of cable especially in situations where generic cable hooks might be installed. Great for tight spaces, security applications, residential and office environments including office furniture.

Snake Tray is the world’s only hand-bendable cable tray that requires no labor-intensive cutting and clipping in order to construct fast cable tray bends. Installs overhead, on walls and under access floors.

Its hand bendable design combined with Snake Tray’s built-in mounting attachment hardware gives Snake Tray the installation cost saving advantage over any other cable tray system in today’s market. Installers are able to create turns in 10 seconds versus 20 minutes with wire mesh cable tray!

Snake Tray 401 Accessories – Features

  • Patented hand bendable design (No fabrication required)
  • Built-in mounting/hanging hardware can be mounted overhead or on walls
  • Single connection provides both mechanical and electrical bond
  • Hangs from a single point
  • Trays nest together for compact and cost effective shipping and material handling
  • Open architecture allows for easy loading of cable

Snake Tray 401 Series – Accessories

Snake Tray 401 Accessories Seismic Bracing Kits with Crimp Tool & Cutter

Seismic Bracing Kits with Crimp Tool & Cutter

Part Nos:
CM201/801-SBK1-XX: Kit for Anchoring Snake Tray and Mega Snake in Concrete Ceilings
CM 201/801-SBK-J-XX: Kit for Anchoring Snake Tray and Mega Snake around Joists
CM 201/801-SBK-L-XX: Kit for Anchoring Snake Tray and Mega Snake with Lag Bolts into Wood Beams
i CM 201/801-SB-CT: Crimp Tool
CM 201/801-SB-CU: Cutter

*XX Denotes size

Threaded Rod - Seismic Bracing Kits

Threaded Rod

Pre-cut and pre-chased threaded rod for overhead tray installations. All rods are 3/8″-16 10/24 high strength steel as per ASTM A36 and available in 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′ 6′, and 8′ lengths. Rods are inserted through the patented Snake Eyes and secured with two 3/8″ hex nuts and one flat washer. No additional mounting accessories are necessary.

Part No: TR-1, Size: 3/8″ x 12″ Threaded Rod
Part No: TR-2, Size: 3/8″ x 24″ Threaded Rod
iPart No: TR-3, Size: 3/8″ x 36″ Threaded Rod
Part No: TR-4, Size: 3/8″ x 48″ Threaded Rod
iPart No: TR-6, Size: 3/8″ x 72″ Threaded Rod
Part No: TR-8, Size: 3/8″ x 96″ Threaded Rod

Snake Tray 401 Accessories Concrete Wedge Anchor

Concrete Wedge Anchor

Anchor diameter equals hole diameter. Comes complete with nuts and washers ready for use. Collar expander offers 360° contact with masonry. Projections on collar immediately grip concrete.

Part Nos: CM WA-XX

*XX Denotes size

Hanger Bracket for Threaded Rod Suspension - Attachment Hardware

Hanger Bracket for Threaded Rod Suspension

Hanger bracket for powder-actuated fastening. Design allows for easy installation using any 8 mm power actuated fastening system. Available for both steel and concrete. The New, Versatile Hanger that Simplifies Threaded Rod Suspension.

Part Nos: CM TR-HBS for Steel, CM TR-HBC for Concrete

Attachment Hardware - Hanger Bracket

Attachment Hardware

Part No: CM FW-38, Size: Zinc Plated 3/8″ Washer
iPart No: CM HN-38, Size: Zinc Plated 3/8″ Hex Nut
Part No: CM RC-38, Size: ZZinc Plated 3/8″ Rod Coupling

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Technical Data

Drawing Part Number Physical Dimensions Loading Dimensions Physical Volume Cable Capacity Weight Finish
Snaketray CM 401-2-8 CM 401-2-8 2½"H x 8'L x 2½"W 1½"D x 2"W 3 si 30 3 # G/SS/PC
Snaketray CM 401-3-8 CM 401-3-8 3½"H x 8'L x 3½"W 2½"D x 3"W 7½ si 75 3½ # G/SS/PC
Snaketray CM 401-4-8 CM 401-4-8 4¼"H x 8'L x 4¼"W 3½"D x 4"W 14 si 145 4 # G/SS/PC

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