Product overview

ITWCP Spit Tapcon HFL Concrete Screw is a self tapping screw with hexagonal head for fastening into cracked & non -cracked concrete. High performance concrete undercut anchor screw, that reduces installation time and edge and spacing distance.
Popular Part Numbers: 058726, 058729, 058731

SUBSTRATES: Cracked & Non-cracked Concrete, Hollow Core Concrete Slab

Spit Tapcon HFL Features & Benefits

  • ETA Option 1 approved anchor for cracked & non -cracked concrete
  • Fire approval
  • Longer effective thread allows highest performance within the market
  • New patented thread design provides easy setting
  • Adjustable anchor for re-alignment without loss of performance
  • Removable anchor allows for temporary fixings
  • Large choice of drilling diameters, heads & lengths


  • Formwork
  • Mechanical and electrical
  • Façade and curtain walls
  • Demolition
  • Safety barriers and hand rails
  • Security gates and fencing
  • Racking and storage
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Stadium seating
  • Signage and lighting
  • Infrastructure – energy, road, rail
  • HVAC

ITWCP Spit Tapcon HFL Concrete Screw Approvals

ITW Tapcon Concrete Screw CE


The SPIT Tapcon RANGE is available in 58 different versions which can be offered a suitable solution for every situation. They are easy to fit, give high performance, and can be removed completely after use. Another advantage is that their drill diameter is small, and they can be set close to the edge and to each other.

In Tapcon range there are several versions available: type HFL, PAN, DOME, ROD and type CSK. The XTREM range has a seismic approval, a fixed washer and the entire HFL range has a special aluminum-zinc coating (zinc-flake) which excellent corrosion resistance (> 500h salt spray test).

TAPCON Screws can be used for various applications such as push and pull bars (HFL plus is reusable), curtain walls, installation applications, storage racks,  wooden structures, cable systems, roof structures, frame and component mounts etc.

058726, 058729, 058731

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Technical Data

Product Code Diameter Anchor Anchor Length Min Drilling
Min Embedment
Max Fixing
Box Quantity
058726 5 mm 40 mm 40 mm 35 mm 5 mm 100 pcs
058727 5 mm 50 mm 40 mm 35 mm 15 mm 100 pcs
058728 5 mm 60 mm 40 mm 35 mm 25 mm 100 pcs
058729 6 mm 40 mm 40 mm 35 mm 5 mm 100 pcs
058730 6 mm 50 mm 40 mm 35 mm 15 mm 100 pcs
058731 6 mm 80 mm 40 mm 35 mm 45 mm 100 pcs
058732 6 mm 100 mm 40 mm 35 mm 65 mm 100 pcs

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