Tidi-Cable Magnetic Tidi-Patches (TC007)

Product overview

Tidi-Cable Magnetic Tidi-Patches (TC007) lift dangerous trailing cables off of the ground instantly. Fix cables to steel structures with Tidi-Cable’s heavy-duty magnetic patches, magnet made from extremely strong neodynium.

Tidi-Cable Magnetic Tidi-PatchesMagnetic Tidi-Patches – Key Features

  • Hold 6 x 110 v arctic cables
  • Can also be screwed to walls
  • Max load 2 kg
  • Space every 2 metres
  • Great for steelwork
  • Manufactured in the UK


No Drills, No Noise

Tidi-Patch Magnetic is a no drill solution. This means that there is no silica dust, no noise pollution, and a reduced risk of hand on vibration syndrome.  It also leaves no mess or residue behind.

Clean Surfaces Only

Tidi-Cable Magnetic Tidi-Patches (TC007) should only be used for temporary works, and surfaces must be clean and free of grease and residue before the Tidi-Patch is used.

Reducing Accidents

They have two hooks which can carry up to 6 x 110 v cables and a max weight of 2 kg, in order to provide magnetic cable support and reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.

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Technical Data

Product Code Length Width Max Load Max Load (10 mm arctic) Material Manufactured
TC007 115 mm 60 mm 2 kg 6 x 12 mm cables ABS UK

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

-What’s the max load?
Each Tidi-Patch Magnetic can hold up to 2 kg of weight.

-How many 110v leads will each one carry?
Each Tidi-Patch Magnetic can support 6 x 1.5 mm 3 core 110 v cables arctic cables.

-What size screw do I need?
No screws needed!

-What’s the internal diameter of two hooks?
The internal diameter of each hook is 23 mm.

-How far apart should I space them?
Magnetic Tidi-Patches should be spaced every 2 metres.

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