Tidi-Cable Tidi-Hanger Extender Pole

Product overview

Tidi-Cable Tidi-Hanger Extender Pole will allow you to hang Tidi-S Hooks and Hangers from higher than normal.

Tidi-Cable Extender Pole Key Features

  • Tidi-Cable Tidi-Hanger ExtenderExtends up to 5 metres so cables can be hung higher
  • Reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls
  • Safely reaches high areas
  • Compatible with Tidi-Hangers and Tidi-S Hooks
  • Tidi-Hanger Extender Pole can be used during demolition, construction and framework


5 Metres Higher

The Tidi-Hanger extender stretches up to 5 metres, meaning that your hangers and hooks can be kept off of the ground, reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls.


The Tidi-Hanger Extender can be used with our Tidi-Hangers and Tidi-S Hooks.

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Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

-What’s the max load?
Each Tidi-Hanger can hold up to 5kg of weight.

-How many 110v leads will each one carry?
Each Tidi-Hanger can support 9 x 1.5mm 3 core 110v cables arctic cables.

-What size screw do I need?
If you wish to screw Tidi-Hangers to the wall, the internal diameter of the screw hole is 5mm.

-What’s the diameter of the large hook?
The internal diameter of the large hook is 60mm, which is perfect for scaffolding, ceiling grids, doors and cable trays.

-What’s the diameter of the smaller hooks?
The internal diameter of the hooks is 23mm.

-Will armoured cable fit in them?
This product isn’t suitable for armoured cable.

-Are they available in different colours?
Tidi-Hangers® are available in any colour upon request. There is a minimum of 1000 units for this and a short lead.

-Can they be supplied with different fire ratings?
Yes we are able to manufacture the products with different fire rating upon request.

-How far apart should I space them?
Tidi-Hangers should be spaced every 2 metres.

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