Tidi-Cable Walkway Industrial

Product overview

Tidi-Cable Walkway Industrial is designed to safely suspend cables and hoses over walkways and roads during construction or maintenance, improving working conditions by removing the risk of accidents. Walkway Industrial is a Heavy-Duty Cable Bridge, ideal when a walkway is used for small vehicles (e.g. bikes, forklife trucks, etc.) or when it’s not possible to use a cable ramp (Tidi-Cable Heavy-Duty Cable Ramps).

Tidi-Cable Walkway Industrial – Key Features

  • Custom made walkway
  • Made to customer specs
  • Holds up to 500 kg of cable weight
  • On average: 2.15 metres high, 2 metres wide
  • Can be extended up to 5 metres in length


It can be used during all stages on a site, construction, demolition, framework and maintenance, so workplaces can be made safer as much as possible.

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