TTS Green Trough - Gradient Series (Upward) (G90, G135, 150B, 200B, 300B, 430C)

Product overview

TTS Green Trough – Gradient Series (Upward)

Trough-Tec Upward gradient G90, G135, 150B, 200B, 300B, 430C

Trough-Tec Systems (TTS) Green Trough Gradient Series (Upward) is a cable troughing system used in areas where the cable route must go up or down a gradient. Simple and fast to install thanks to its low weight and intuitive joining mechanism and can be modified on site using basic hand tools.
Trough-Tec Green Trough Gradient Series (Upward) is available in 6 different sizes: G90, G135, 150B, 200B, 300B, 430C.

Green Trough is the world’s most versatile cable trough system that offers an innovative, environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art solution to cable route management. A genuine concrete replacement and a market leading range of cable troughs and accessories, to reduce installation time and associated costs. Powered by Furukawa Electric Group and Trough-Tec Systems.

Green Trough - A Furukawa Electric Product

Applications – Sectors

Green Trough is approved for numerous applications worldwide. Its extensive product range together with its excellent mechanical properties make it ideal for a wide range of installations and cable types, including Construction Projects, Highways, Rail/ Traction, Renewable Energy, Power Plants, Stadiums, Airports, Data Centres and more.

Green Trough Tunnel Cable Trough Rail TTS Construction
Green Cable Trough Solar Green Trough Highway Trough-Tec G90

Green Trough Benefits

  • Versatile: Straights (standard or with dividers), 45° Bends, Gradients (Upward or Downward) and T-junctions all available in 6 sizes, together with accessories and an elevated system to meet any requirement.
  • Sustainable: Green Trough is made from 100% recycled polymer. 4,000 tonnes of recycled household plastic waste is used to make Green Trough in one year. Equivalent to 268 million average-sized plastic bottles/ containers.
  • Extremely durable: 50+ year UV resistance. Suitable for use in -40°C to +80°C temperature range. Unique design allows for thermal expansion and contraction. Resistant to salt/snow melting agents and acid rain. Excellent impact resistance. Will not crumble like concrete.
  • Lightweight: Weighs 75% less than traditional concrete trough alternatives. All Green Trough items are a one-man lift.
  • Secure: Interlocking units: Each trough has a male and a female end, together with Lockable lids. A variety of lid fixings are available to suit security and access requirements.
  • Intuitive Joint: Joint system allows installer to avoid obstacles without the need for additional accessories. Straight units have up to 5 degrees vertical and horizontal flexibility.
  • Cost saving: Significantly reduces labour time and possession costs.
  • Compliant: Approved by Network Rail, New South Wales, Banedanmark and Japan Railways. Installed on major infrastructure projects since 2005.
  • Flame resistant: Halogen free and complies with IEC 61084-1 ‘Non-flame propagating’ standard. K1 according to DIN 53438. Self extinguishes in under 30 seconds.
  • Strong: Can withstand 10kN/m vertical load and is safe to walk on.
  • Adjustable: Most Green Trough units can be manually shortened whilst still retaining an interlocking connection. Installers can process units on site using basic hand tools, with no dust.
  • Each Green Trough series is available with a clasp, screw or band type lid fixing, to suit a variety of installations.
  • Suitable for high voltage cables.
  • Anti-static.

For more information on Trough-Tec Systems Green Trough – Upward Gradient Series (G90, G135, 150B, 200B, 300B, 430C), please advise Technical Data table or PDF Files below., 277670

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Technical Data

Green Trough
Gradient Series (Upward)
L1 L2 Weight Screw Type
G90 300 mm 350 mm 4 kg -
G135 300 mm 350 mm 7 kg -
150B 300 mm 350 mm 8 kg +
200B 200 mm 250 mm 10 kg +
300B 200 mm 250 mm 13 kg +
430C 200 mm 250 mm 17 kg +
TTS Green Trough - Gradient Series (Upward) - Figure - Technical Data - Dimensions

Note: Includes four clasps (or four screws or two bands).

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