TTS Green Trough - T-Junction Series (G90, G135, 150B, 200B, 300B, 430C)

Product overview

TTS Green Trough – T-Junction Series

Trough-Tec SystemsApplication tts G90, G135, 150B, 200B, 300B, 430C (TTS) Green Trough T-Junction Series is a cable troughing system used at cable junctions. Simple and fast to install thanks to its low weight and intuitive joining mechanism and can be modified on site using basic hand tools.
TTS Green Trough T-Junction Series is available in 6 different sizes: G90, G135, 150B, 200B, 300B, 430C.

Green Trough is the world’s most versatile cable trough system that offers an innovative, environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art solution to cable route management. A genuine concrete replacement and a market leading range of cable troughs and accessories, to reduce installation time and associated costs. Powered by Furukawa Electric Group and Trough-Tec Systems.

Green Trough - A Furukawa Electric Product

Applications – Sectors

Green Trough is approved for numerous applications worldwide. Its extensive product range together with its excellent mechanical properties make it ideal for a wide range of installations and cable types, including Construction Projects, Highways, Rail/ Traction, Renewable Energy, Power Plants, Stadiums, Airports, Data Centres and more.

Green Trough Tunnel Cable Trough Rail TTS Construction
Green Cable Trough Solar Green Trough Highway Green Trough Substation

Green Trough Benefits

  • Versatile: Straights (standard or with dividers), 45° Bends, Gradients (Upward or Downward) and T-junctions all available in 6 sizes, together with accessories and an elevated system to meet any requirement.
  • Sustainable: Green Trough is made from 100% recycled polymer. 4,000 tonnes of recycled household plastic waste is used to make Green Trough in one year. Equivalent to 268 million average-sized plastic bottles/ containers.
  • Extremely durable: 50+ year UV resistance. Suitable for use in -40°C to +80°C temperature range. Unique design allows for thermal expansion and contraction. Resistant to salt/snow melting agents and acid rain. Excellent impact resistance. Will not crumble like concrete.
  • Lightweight: Weighs 75% less than traditional concrete trough alternatives. All Green Trough items are a one-man lift.
  • Secure: Interlocking units: Each trough has a male and a female end, together with Lockable lids. A variety of lid fixings are available to suit security and access requirements.
  • Intuitive Joint: Joint system allows installer to avoid obstacles without the need for additional accessories. Straight units have up to 5 degrees vertical and horizontal flexibility.
  • Cost saving: Significantly reduces labour time and possession costs.
  • Compliant: Approved by Network Rail, New South Wales, Banedanmark and Japan Railways. Installed on major infrastructure projects since 2005.
  • Flame resistant: Halogen free and complies with IEC 61084-1 ‘Non-flame propagating’ standard. K1 according to DIN 53438. Self extinguishes in under 30 seconds.
  • Strong: Can withstand 10kN/m vertical load and is safe to walk on.
  • Adjustable: Most Green Trough units can be manually shortened whilst still retaining an interlocking connection. Installers can process units on site using basic hand tools, with no dust.
  • Each Green Trough series is available with a clasp, screw or band type lid fixing, to suit a variety of installations.
  • Suitable for high voltage cables.
  • Anti-static.

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Technical Data

Green Trough
T-Junction Series
Width (A) Length (B) Arc (R) Weight Screw Type
G90 360 mm 600 mm 190 mm 6 kg -
G135 385 mm 600 mm 165 mm 8 kg -
150B 355 mm 500 mm 145 mm 9 kg +
200B 385 mm 500 mm 115 mm 13 kg +
300B 495 mm 600 mm 105 mm 21 kg +
430C 635 mm 730 mm 80 mm 32 kg +
TTS Green Trough - T-Junction Series - Figure - Technical Data - Dimensions

Note: Includes two screws (or two clasps) and a male-male adaptor. G90 and G135 series include 3 bands and a male-male adaptor.

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