Weicon Tools Crimp Set Pro (52880002)

Product overview

Weicon Tools Crimp Set Pro is the kit with all the necessary components for your crimping and stripping needs. Tools included: Duo-Crimp No. 300 , Wire Stripper No. 7 Magic and a Shaker with 400 Wire Ends.
Weicon Article No: 52880002 | EAN: 4024596047924

WEICON TOOLS Tool Sets offer suitable solutions for a wide range of applications for almost all industries. With Weicon Electrical Installation Set, Crimping Set Pro and Starter Set Pro you can cover many different applications.


Crimp Set Pro – Components

Weicon Tools Crimp Set Pro (52880002) includes all the necessary components for your crimping and stripping needs. Set includes:

Shaker includes Wire Ends (DIN 46228):

    • 50 pcs x 0.50 mm2 (white)
    • 100 pcs x 0.75 mm2 (grey)
    • 100 pcs x 1.00 mm2 (red)
    • 100 pcs x 1.50 mm2 (black)
    • 50 pcs x 2.50 mm2 (blue)


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Technical Data

Description Article Number Length Weight
Crimp Set Pro 52880002  340 x 280 x 55 mm 950 g

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