Weicon Tools Easy Opener (52800001)

Product overview

Weicon Tools Easy Opener r is a special tool for the gentle disassembly of sensitive components and for working on clipped housings.
Weicon Article No: 52800001 | EAN: 4024596070083

WEICON special tools for a series of unusual applications, we provide you with special tools which meet these requirements. Wheter it is the dismantling of large cable diameters, tools for the solar industry or working on high voltage cables, WEICON TOOLS has the solution!

The Easy Opener is produced entirely in Germany and is made from fiberglas-reinforced polyamide. This material is flexible and stable at the same time, which makes the tool perfect for different applications, e.g. for loosening switches, luminaires or similar components. With this tool, housing components can be opened without scratching sensitive materials. There are three lever surfaces with different material thicknesses available for this purpose.

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Easy Opener – Key Features

  • Weicon Tools Easy Opener (52800001) is a tool for the gentle disassembly of sensitive components without damaging the material
  • Ideal for loosening switches, luminaires or similar components
  • Flexible and stable at the same time
  • Three surfaces with different material thickness


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We present these tools at more than 40 fairs and trade shows every year, all over the world. We keep in constant contact with our users, who tell us about new developments in their work processes and, that way, give us ideas and requests for new or improved WEICON TOOLS. This exchange of information generates a process that regularly results in product innovations and modifications and therefore enables us to constantly offer our customers the perfectly engineered and up-to-date solutions they need.


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Technical Data

Description Article Number Length Weight
Easy Opener 52800001  180 mm 22 g

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