Signalling Power Distribution Cable Jointing Course by Prysmian

Signalling Power Distribution Cable Jointing Course by Prysmian

Signalling Power Distribution Cable Jointing Course by Prysmian
For Network Rail Approved Cable Joints

The Cable Jointing Course is designed to give the delegates the required knowledge and practical skills for the correct jointing of two core and four core Aluminium and Copper rail signalling power distribution cables using Prysmian RPJ enhanced cold pour resin joint kits. (Network Rail Approved Cable Joints & Kits Product Specification: NR/L2/SIGELP/27423)

Next Course Dates: August 2021

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Course Programme Overview

1) Jointing best practice for signalling power distribution cable

2) Aluminium and Copper Cables

3) Cable preparation

4) Cable jointing

– Selection and use of the correct crimping system

– Use of correct encapsulation material

5) Identification of required testing


Cable Jointing Course – Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of electrical site safety and safe cable handling methods (during jointing process),
  • Demonstrate correct crimp and die selection, produce reliable compression joint fittings.
  • Demonstrate the correct use of the approved JEM cold pour resin.
  • Understand best practice for reliable jointing of 1kV power cables, the risks of poor jointing and how to mitigate them and understand perceived issues associated with jointing aluminium conductors.
  • Identify types of rail signalling power cable and understand how to strip and prepare using the correct cable preparation tools and material.
  • Select the correct joint kit for a specific installation.
  • Construct RPJ series joint kits in accordance with Prysmian Jointing Instruction RPJ-JI.


Cable Jointing Course – Method

This course makes use of classroom theory, expert demonstrations, individual practical exercises & final assessment (Pass/ Fail).



Delegates need to be qualified electricians or jointers and hold a Network Rail Plant 001 competency.


Next Course Dates:

August 2021

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