Prysmian BICON JEM Resin - Cold Pour Resin

Product overview

Prysmian BICON JEM Resin – Cold Pour Resin developed to meet the growing concerns regarding exposure to isocyanates in the workplace. JEM is a non-isocyanate system with all the technical performance characteristics of conventional resins but with additional features and benefits.
Part Numbers: CGBUJEM200P (JEM 1X), CGBUJEM600 (JEM 9X)

Prysmian BICON JEM Cold Pour Resin – Features & Benefits

  • Low viscosity (very searching, no voids, easier mixing)
  • Easy mixing at low ambient temperatures (e.g. -15°C)
  • Curing reaction not sensitive to moisture (will cure under water)
  • Filled joints may be energised immediately if undisturbed
  • Comes in clear pouches which allows observation of mixing process
  • Cold pour resin has excellent adhesion to XLPE, PVC, Lead, etc.
  • Type approved in LV joints (ENA TS C81/3 and BS EN 50393)
  • Prysmian BICON JEM Resin is tested in accordance with HD631.1
  • Re-enterable version available

Prysmian BICON JEM Cold Pour Compound

Download PDF file for Performance Data, Temperature Effect on Gel/ Backfill Time and Mixing Instructions of Prysmian BICON JEM Resin – Cold Pour Resin.


*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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