Elpress Crimp Tool Repair & Crimp Tool Calibration


Our authorized Elpress Tool Service/ Support Department offers Crimp Tool and Power Source Repair, Check, Calibration, Maintenance and certification. After overhauling the equipment by the service department, we issue a certificate to verify the performance of the tool.

To ensure that your crimped connections maintain a high and even level of quality, carry out regular checks of the crimping tools. Facilitate maintenance procedures by signing special preventive maintenance agreements, whereby we call in your tools in accordance with the agreement and return them, checked and certified.

E-Tech can offer a full Elpress Crimp Tool Repair and Calibration service for all mechanical and hydraulic crimp tools. We repair and calibrate crimp tools to the Manufacturers guidelines and in accordance with BS7609 and BS7727.

We are an authorized Elpress Service/ Support Centre

Elpress Authorized partner - Elpress Distributor UK - Elpress Supplier - High Quality Lugs Authorised Elpress Service Centre: Maintenance, Service & CalibrationIf you suspect damage or a fault in your Elpress equipment, please contact our service department immediately for checking of necessary repair, tel: +44 (0)1744 762 929

To return tools/ products to us for: Service, Repair, Calibration, Warranty.

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Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Elpress Service/ Support Centre offer a flexible solution for enhanced security, with rapid service and high availability:

  • Planned and preventive maintenance guarantees better performance for your equipment.
  • Regular service intervals minimise the risk of unforeseen stoppages by indicating any safety or functional defects and by recommending measures to avoid such problems.
  • Regular service intervals are normally implemented every 12 months at a fixed price.
  • The price is based on the service level solution and tool equipment.
  • After the equipment complies with calibration requirements, we issue the certificate.

Elpress Service agreements are arranged per product, tool and service level:
Basic: Preventive maintenance, calibration with certification.
Advance: Includes Elpress Basic + corrective maintenance.

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