IEC 61914 Cable Cleats For Electrical Installations

IEC 61914 Cable Cleats For Electrical Installations

IEC 61914 Cable Cleats For Electrical Installations defines Cable Cleats as “Devices designed to provide securing of cables when installed at intervals along the length of the cables”. In other words, they ensure the retention and support of cables, restrict the cable movement and provide resistance to electro-mechanical forces.
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What is IEC?

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The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world’s leading organisation that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. Millions of devices that contain electronics, and use or produce electricity, rely on IEC’s International Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems to perform, fit and work safely together. 


What is IEC 61914:2015?

IEC 61914:2015 specifies requirements and tests for cable cleats and intermediate restraints used for securing cable in electrical installations, and assesses the performance and durability of a Cable Cleat’s Design.

Among other things, IEC61914 also provides formulas enabling the theoretical forces between conductors in the event of a short circuit to be calculated. (For information on how to Calculate the Correct Cable Cleat Spacing, CLICK HERE)

Although the standard doesn’t define pass or fail levels, it allows manufacturers to define the performance characteristics of their products. And also specifiers to compare products from different manufacturersThe aspects of construction and performance covered by IEC include:

  • Material type – i.e. metallic, non-metallic or composite
  • Minimum and maximum declared service temperatures
  • Resistance to impact at the minimum declared operating temperature
  • The ability of the cable cleat to withstand axial slippage forces
  • Resistance to electro-mechanical forces (i.e. the ability of the cleat to withstand the forces between the cables in the event of a short-circuit fault)
  • Resistance to UV and corrosion
  • Flame propagation

Note: IEC 61914 does NOT apply to cable glands and cable ties!

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E-Tech Components IEC 61914 Cable Cleats

E-Tech Components are committed to quality in everything we do. This means we don’t just meet industry testing standards for cable cleats, we exceed them! As part of this commitment, all our Cable Cleats & Clamps are designed and tested to the requirements of IEC 61914:2015.

We offer a huge range of Cleats & Clamps, from Single Way Cable Cleats and Trefoil Cleats to Quad Cleats and Bespoke Solutions designed and manufactured to your application’s requirements. We work with the largest cable manufacturer in the world, The Prysmian Group, and distribute Prysmian Cable Cleats to major projects throughout the world. Prysmian’s BICON range of Cable Cleats have been tried & tested over many years and are all 3rd Party tested and certified to the latest international standards. We also work with Slagboom Electric and their range of Dutchclamp Non Metallic Single Way and Trefoil Cleats.

Our portfolio is huge, so please contact our Technical Sales Team to help you choose the perfect cleat.

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