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E-Tech are a specialist distributor of Electrical Cable Accessories and offer high quality, innovative and unique products and solutions for Rail & Traction that can save time, reduce costs and improve quality and ensure compliance to industry standards and regulations.


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Low, Medium and High Voltage Cable Joints and Cable Jointing Kits suitable for jointing, connecting and terminating in a huge variety of applications. Some of the specialised applications include Industrial, Universal, Afumex LSOH, Fire Performance, Waterproof, Resin, Underground, Hydrocarbon Resistant, Heatshrink and Elaspeed Cable Joints. Additionally, Network Rail approved joints are available too (NR/L2/SIGELP/27423).

Connecta System - Products and Solutions for Rail & Traction CONNECTA TUNNEL LIGHTING & POWER SYSTEM

Prysmian Draka Connecta Fire Resistant Tunnel Lighting and Power System provides lighting and small power applications in harsh environments such as Road, Rail Tunnels and Bridge environments. In the event of a fire, it maintains the integrity of the circuit even if a local device fails, allowing escape routes further up and down the route to remain illuminated. Significantly reduces the costly onsite electrical installation work.

TTS Green Trough - Straight Series (Standard) CABLE TROUGHING SYSTEMS

Green Trough Cable Troughing System is a versatile and lightweight cable routing solution for the protection and management of cables. A wide range of combinations, alternatives and accessories are available that can make any cable raceway possible.

Furukawa EFLEX Square Duct - Products and Solutions for Rail & Traction CABLE DUCTING SYSTEMS

EFLEX Square System with a wide range of electric Cable Ducting solutions (aka Cable Ducts) and accessories suitable for underground multi-rack cable installations. Applications include construction projects, railways, power plants, urban development and more.


A broad range of standard and two-piece corrugated conduits, metal conduits and other specialist solutions. They ensure a highly reliable mechanical cable protection and flexible cable and wire routing. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, ideal for for any Railway & Traction project. Full IP Protection (IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69).

Products and Solutions for Rail & Traction CONDUIT FITTINGS & ACCESSORIES

Conduit Fittings & Accessories include sleeves, connectors & accessories for cable protection. Availability of solutions for a wide range of standard corrugated conduits, two-piece corrugated and metal conduits. Full IP Protection (IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69).


Crimping Tools ranging from simple hand operated crimp tools to sophisticated electrically powered hydraulic types and battery operated tools, they cover the entire size range and type of conductors currently manufactured. Tools available for use as hobby tools, professional tools and others for industrial use.

Products and Solutions for Rail & Traction CRIMPING STATIONS & SOFTWARE

Crimp Stations & Software for industrial crimping needs, analysis of crimps, system calibration and crimping with advanced control and supervision. Flexible products with features that provide quality assurance of crimping work.


Hydraulic footpumps, hydraulic battery/ mains powered pumps, used in conjunction with the according crimp/ compression heads and dies. These tools provide advanced control and the correct force to ensure the reliability of the crimping procedure.


Copper Cable Lugs & Connectors (Cu) are produced from electrolytic 99.9% copper. Terminals and Through Connectors exist in a large variety of types and sizes for stranded as well as for flexible conductors. Copper Lugs delivered in the UK and abroad.

Al Terminals and Connectors BIMETALLIC LUGS & TERMINALS

Bimetallic Lugs, Terminals & Connectors (also known as AlCu Terminals and Connectors) for Al cable are made from solid materials with friction welding. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including railway and traction.


The Flexo Rail Products is a wide ranging and varied portfolio manufactured from Prysmian Group (Pirelli, BICON, Draka), each of the products’ design having its origins in the need to meet a particular customer requirement. Many are now “standard” solutions to certain connection applications.

Modular Power System - Products and Solutions for Rail & Traction MODULAR POWER SYSTEMS

Modular Power Systems are innovative installation solutions for power cable circuits. They are developed to provide lighting and small power applications in harsh environments such as rail tunnels and bridge environments.

Link Box Products and Solutions for Rail & Traction LINK BOXES & CONNECTOR BLOCKS

Link Boxes & Connectors Blocks are used to connect or isolate underground low voltage cable networks. Category includes solutions like: 4-way Underground, All-in-one Underground and Metering Link Disconnecting Boxes.


The Silver Fox Fox-in-a-Box Starter Kit is an ideal, cost-effective solution for printing large volumes of labels. 3 Levels are offered with the same printer and ribbon shared at all levels. In short, everything is included for you need to print the complete range of thermal labels.


Cable Marking & Labelling solutions and products, from the Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer Kit and the Labacus Innovator Software to cable/ wire, equipment, engraved, pipe and valve labels and other.


Other rail solutions for railway and traction applications, including catenary insulators, wedge taps, OHL elecrification accessories and more. Manufactured by Prysmian Group (BICON / Draka) and other prestigious brands.

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