Elpress Copper Pin Terminals DIN 46230 10-95mm²

Product overview

Elpress Copper Pin Lugs – DIN 46230 (10-95mm²) are produced from electrolytic copper (Cu 99.95%) and are tin plated (Cu/Sn).
Part Numbers: B10SR, B16SR, B25SR, B35SR, B50SR, B70SR, B95SR.

General Information

System Elpress consists of Terminals and Tools designed and tested together to give a certified crimping result. This ensures that users will feel confident when using our systems, and the achievement of a secure connection through the proper handling of our products. By using Elpress Cu-Connection elements together with one of Elpress Crimp Systems one obtains a connection that has been tested according to the requirements of IEC 61238:1.

Elpress Copper Connectors made of pure Copper 99.95%. We manufacture Tube Terminals type KR/ KRF/ KRD/ KRT, Through Connectors type KS/ KSF/ KSD/ KST for stranded conductors, IEC 60228 Class 2, and flexible conductors IEC 60228 Class 5 such as C-Sleeves primarily pre-splicing of Cu-lines and many customised products. For flexible and stranded Cu conductors, use terminals of type KR/ KRF and through connectors of type KS/ KSF. Use terminals of type KRD/ KRT and through connectors type KSD/ KST on stranded Cu conductors from and including 500mm2. Mainly use terminals of type KR/ KRF/ KRD/ KRT in the splicing of copper conductors in cable assemblies. Can also use them for straight splicing of earth conductors. With a branching sleeve, type C, one splices and branches earth conductors, lightning conductor installations and the like.

Approvals & Marking

UL is an American, but also internationally accepted, standard. Elpress standard Cu Terminals of types KR/ KS, KRF/ KSF, KRT/ KST, KRFS, KRFN (e.g. KRFN120-10, KRFN120-12) are UL-approved according to file no E205350.

Elpress KR/ KS, KRF/ KSF and KRT/ KST Terminals meet DNV’s rules for classification of ships and Det Norske Veritas’ Offshore Standrards. The Terminals have an approval for installations on ships and mobile offshore units.

Normally one crimp is necessary up to and including 150mm2 and 2 or 3 crimps for larger areas. Note, however, that another number of crimps may be essential in some cases, see table for tool dies. If possible, you should place crimps next to each other with a couple of mm spacing between each one. Overlap is sometimes inevitable.

Elpress marking system for Copper Terminals shows logotype, cable area and type number for hexagonal die. This system allows you to check the use of correct tools when contact crimping, because the die number automatically becomes embossed during the contact crimping.

For more information on Elpress Copper Pin Lugs DIN 46230 (B25SR, B35SR, B95SR), consult PDF File or Technical Data Table  below. B25SR, B35SR, B95SR

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Technical Data

  • Material: electrolytic copper (Cu 99.95%), tin plated (Cu/Sn).
  • Dimensions according to DIN 46230.
Cat. No. Area mm² AWG d L1 L W Die No.  Pcs/ Pack Rec. Tool 
B10SR 10 8 4,5 12 22 4,3 7 100 V600, V1300, V250
B16SR 16 6 5,8 13 26 5,5 8 100 V600, V1300, V250
B25SR 25 4 7 15 34 6,8 10 100 V600, V1300, V250
B35SR 35 2 8,7 20 41 8 12 100 V600, V1300, V250
B50SR 50 1/0 9,8 20 45 9,5 14,5 50 V600, V1300, V250
B70SR 70 2/0 11,5 23 55 11 17 50 V600, V1300, V250
B95SR 95 3/0 13,8 23 55 12,3 20 50 V600, V1300, V250

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