Elpress Deep Earthing System

Product overview

The Elpress Deep Earthing System consists of five parts: (elpress fs11, fs31)

  • Hardened Steel Tip
  • Leading Rod
  • Extensions Rods
  • Driving Studs or Sleeves
  • Earthing Wire (supplied by wholesalers)

The Power Hammer required to drive down studs (or sleeves) is registered as a separate product: Elpress Power Hammer for Deep Earthing System.


The earthing wire is inserted into and held by the steel tip. The extension rods have guiding pins to enter into the previous tube end to form a stable extension of the system. By monitoring the earthing resistance, the driving down may be interrupted at best point.


An earth electrode is a conductor placed in the soil with the purpose to discharge electrical current from a connected facility. The use of electricity with bad earthing includes a high risk. All suppliers of power must have approved earth electrodes at their facilities. It means that flash-over voltages, which can appear for different reasons are led into the soil so they do not cause any damages and/ or injuries. Earthing serves as, among other things, person protection, property protections, Electro Magnetic Pulses protection, lightning protection and similar.


The Elpress Deep Earthing concept is a system without extra connection points. The earthing electrode is a copper wire which is pulled down by means of 0.8 m steel tubes (“rods”). A hardened steel tip locks the Cu wire into the leading rod. For each extension rod the wire is pulled a further 0.8 m down alongside the rods. As the earthing resistance may be continuously monitored at the other end of the wire, the driving down is interrupted when a satisfactory low resistance is reached. The top extension rod is pulled up and re used. The driving down is normally made by a Power Hammer for Deep Earthing with a suitable driving stud or with a sledge hammer and the driving cap FS61 or FS62C.

(elpress fs11, fs31)

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Technical Data

Cat. No. Description Area Ø Pcs/ Pack Weight Dimensions Used for To be used with
Elpress-FS11-Steel-Tip-Hardened-Top-System-For-Deep-Earthing FS11 Steel tip with hardened top. 16-70 mm2 5 0.9 kg/pack 135 mm FS21 leading rod
Elpress-FS12-Steel-Tip-Hardened-Top-System-For-Deep-Earthing FS12 Steel tip with hardened top. 70-95 mm2 5 1.3 kg/pack 135 mm FS21 leading rod
 Elpress-FS21-Leading-Rod-System-For-Deep-Earthing FS21 Leading rod, with a knurled recess for effective locking of earth conductor. 17 mm 5 3.3 kg/pack 800 mm Normal and soft soils.
Elpress-FS31-Extension-Rod-System-For-Deep-Earthing FS31 Extension Rod with locating pin fitting into the preceeding tube. 17 mm 5 3.9 kg/pack 870 mm (incl guiding pin) Normal and soft soils. FS21 leading rod
Elpress-FSHD11-Heavy-Duty-Special-Steel-Tip-Hardened-Top-System-For-Deep-Earthing FSHD11 Heavy Duty Special Steel Tip with hardened top. 25-70 (95) mm2 5 1.3 kg/pack 153 mm Hard and stony soils. FSHD23 leading rod
 Elpress-FSHD23-Heavy-Duty-Leading-Rod-System-For-Deep-Earthing FSHD23 Heavy Duty Leading Rod, with a knurled recess for effective locking of the earthing wire. 21 mm 5 5.5 kg/pack 800 mm Hard and stony soils. FSHD11 tip
 Elpress-FSHD31-Heavy-Duty-Extension-Rod-System-For-Deep-Earthing FSHD31 Heavy Duty Extension Rod, with guiding pin that fits into the preceding tube. 21 mm 5 6.2 kg/pack 870 mm (incl guiding pin) Hard and stony soils.
 Elpress-FS41-Withdrawal-Handle-System-For-Deep-Earthing FS41 Withdrawal Handle to pull up the top extension rod for re-use. Ø 18.5 mm and Ø 22.5 mm 1 0.42 kg 230 x 60 mm FS & FSHD type rods
 Elpress-FS62-Driving-Sleeve-System-For-Deep-Earthing FS62C Driving Sleeve used when driving the rods down with a sledge hammer. 1 1.0 kg 110 x 45 mm FS21 & FS31 rods
 Elpress-FS61-Driving-Cap-System-For-Deep-Earthing FS61 Driving Cap used when driving the FS21 and FS31 rods down with a sledge hammer. 1 0.15 kg 58 x 22 mm FS21 & FS31 rods
 Elpress-FSHD62C-Driving-Sleeve-For-Heavy-Duty-Rods-System-For-Deep-Earthing FSHD62C Driving Sleeve used when driving the FSHD type rods down with a sledge hammer. 1 1.0 kg/pack 110 x 45 mm FSHD type rods

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