Elpress Ergocom Handle for Crimping Heads

Product overview

With the Elpress Ergocom Handle for Crimping Heads, Elpress R&D has integrated in-house experience with technology and modern design, to improve operator comfort and developed an ergonomic handle reducing the physical stress for operator within the working environment.

With the new design, the center mass of the tool is now closer to the handle. This decreases torque in the wrist and makes the tool more ergonomic and comfortable to use. The Elpress ERGOCOM communicates wirelessly via bluetooth, to avoid any potential inconvenience with signal cables.

The Elpress Ergocom Handle for Crimping Heads with wireless communication, comes together with new PS710E hydraulic pumps. For existing users of PS710E hydraulic pumps who want the ergonomic benefits from the new handle, there is a compatible wired version called: Elpress ERGO. Elpress ERGO comes with new PS710R hydraulic pumps.



  • Ergonomic handle
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Quick change crimp heads and cutting tools
  • Very low energy consumption
  • High protection if energized cables are accidentally cut
  • Handle also available with signal cable

Wireless ERGOCOM not available in USA and Canada.

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