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Elpress PS710 Hydraulic/ Mains Powered Pump PS710E251

Product overview

Elpress PS710 Hydraulic/ Mains Powered Pump for crimping with advanced control and supervision of the Crimp procedure. It is equipped with a flexible system for almost all Crimp applications where high performance and reliability is required. The pump is suitable for cable harness manufacturing as well as for electricians working with utility, installation or service work. Popular Part Numbers: Elpress PS710D, PS710R, PS710E251.

Light weight and handy pump designed according to customer’s request.

The Elpress pump system consists of three basic versions (PS710D, PS710E, PS710R), all with customizing possibilities.

Elpress PS710 Features

  • Possible to use different working pressures
  • PC Software, Analyzer for crimp analysis and quality process integration
  • Elpress PS710 can be used with a PC in a data network with a printer
  • Oil flow at 20 bar: 0.6 litres/ min (PS710D 1.2 litres/min)
  • Oil volume: 1.0 litre
  • Oil type: HYDREX MV 22 (hydraulic oil, mineral type) or similar
  • Mains power 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
  • Li-ion battery 28.8V, 3.0A
  • Crimps/ battery charge: 120 crimps with Cu 150mm²
  • Charger 230VAC 50Hz, 10.8-28.8V, chargin time 65 min
  • Protection IP54
  • Ambient temperature -15 to 40°C
  • CE-approved: Machine safety 98/37/EG, Electro-magnetic compatibility 2004/108/EG, Low voltage directive 73/23/EEG, ROHS 2002/95/EC, WEEE 2002/96/EC
  • Elpress Mains Powered Pump’s weight is approximately 11kg
  • Small dimensions 370 x 250 x 160 mm

Elpress PS710D, PS710R, PS710E251

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Technical Data

Basic Versions:
The pump system consists of three basic versions, all with customizing possibilities:

For the cable harness manufacturer: For the installer working in the distribution network/ industry: For the user asking for standard solutions (no need of crimp traceability)
PS710D PS710E PS710R
Unique electronic system together with a special PC-software Small size and low weight make it easy to use in every situation Pump control without electronic system, relayed controlled
Process control and analysis, SPC - each crimp can be traced Highest performance both with Li-ion battery 28.8V and mains power Easy equipped without data communication
Communication to PC in real-time, immediate quality check Display with keypad for full pump status information to operator Without battery
Integrated communication through CAN with Elpress CS2500 unit Possibility to have crimps stored in control system To be used with crimp head systems 1300, 250, 1470
High flow hydraulic pump for fastest crimping movement PC communication with USB
Can be used with a PC in data-network with a printer To be used with crimp head systems 1300, 250, 1470
To be used with Crimp Station CS2500


Standard Solutions:

PS710E251* PS710E501* PS710R250*
Included: Included: Included:
Pump E-version Pump E-version Pump R-version
Mains cable (for EU) Mains cable (for EU) Mains cable (for EU)
Hydraulic hose 2.5m Hydraulic hose 5.0m Hydraulic hose 2.5m
Battery Battery Strap
Charger Charger
Strap Strap

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    Technical Information

    • Image 1: Elpress PS710 Powerman
    • Image 2: Hydraulic/ Mains Powered Pump Version PS710D.
    • Image 3: Hydraulic/ Mains Powered Pump Version PS710E.
    • Image 4: Hydraulic/ Mains Powered Pump Version PS710R.
    Elpress-PS710-POWERMAN Elpress-Analyzer-Crimp-Station-CS2500-PS710D-Pump Elpress-PS710E-Hydraulic-Battery-Mains-Pump Elpress-PS710R-Hydraulic-Battery-Mains-Pump

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