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Elpress KSF Copper Through Connectors with Partition (Range 10-400mm²), Elpress Copper Partition Splices

Product overview

Elpress KSF Copper Through Connectors with Partition (Range 10-400mm²), also know as Elpress Copper Partition Splices, are produced from electrolytic copper and are tin plated.


General Information

Elpress Cu-connections are produced from electrolytic 99.9% copper. Terminals and Through Connectors exist in a large variety of types for stranded as well as for flexible conductors. C-sleeves for earth conductor branch off also come in a large number of sized. If a standard type is not suitable, we produce tailor-made designs specific to the application.

  • KR/ KRF Terminals and KS/ KSF Connectors may be used for both stranded and flexible conductors.
  • KRD Terminals and KSD Connectors are used for stranded conductors.
  • KRT Terminals and KST Connectors equal the German “Standard types” (not DIN) and are used for stranded conductors.
  • C-Sleeves are used for branch-off or cross connections for mainly earth conductors such as for high lighting protection and earthing grids.

By Crimping Elpress Terminals & Connectors with Elpress Crimp Tools, connections are achieved that meet requirements of SEN 245010, BS 4579:1, VDE 0220:1, EN-IEC 61238:1 whichever is applicable.

Elpress marking system for Cu-Connectors shows logotype, conductor area and ID-number for crimp die to be used. This system enables final inspection of proper die use as the die number is automatically imprinted by the die on the crimped barrel.

UL is an American standard which is also internationally accepted. Elpress standard Cu Terminals of types KR/ KS, KRF/ KSF. KRT/ KST are UL approved according to no. E205350. Cu Terminals of types KR/ KS, KRF/ KSF are for stranded and flexible copper wires, classes 2 and 5 according to IEC 60228, and have a working area of 1-500mm². Cu Terminals of types KRT/ KST is used for stranded copper wires 10-500mm².

Elpress KRF/ KSF, KRT/ KST Terminals comply with DNV’s rules for the classification of ships and Det Norske Veritas’ Offshore Standrards. The Terminals are approved for installations on ships and mobile offshore units.

For more information on Elpress KSF Copper Through Connectors with Partition (Range 10-400mm²) – Elpress Copper Partition Splices, consult PDF File or Technical Data Table  below.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.


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Technical Data

  • Data: electrolytic copper, tin plated.
  • With partition to prevent oil-leakage, for stranded (class 2) and flexible (class 5) Cu-Conductors.
Cat. No, mm2 Screen cond. Area mm d D L Pcs/ Pack Die no. Rec.tool
KS10M 5 8 36 100 8 GWB4099,V600
KSF16M 15 6 9 37 100 9 V600, V1300
KSF25M 21-29 8 11 38 100 11 V600, V1300
KSF35M 41 9 13 41 100 13 V600, V1300
KSF50M 57 11 14.5 48 50 14.5 V600, V1300
KSF70M 72-88 13 17 49 50 17 V600, V1300
KSF95M 111 15 20 56 50 20 V600, V1300
KSF120M 17 22 63 50 22 V1300, V250
KSF150M 19 25 64 25 25 V1300, V250
KSF185M 21 27 74 25 27 V1300, V250
KSF240AM 22.5 29 76 1 30 V1300, V250
KSF300AM 24.5 31.5 88 1 32 V1300, V250
KSF400AM 30 36 105 1 38 V1300, V250

Marking example: 20 95F 111 (earth sign) Elpress logotype included
20= die no.      95=mm²    F=type KSF, stranded and flexible conductors    111=screen, mm²

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