Elpress PKL54 Battery Powered Cutting Tool - Electric cable cutter for copper & aluminium

Product overview

Elpress PKL54 Battery Powered Cutting Tool is an electric cable cutter for copper and aluminium cable. It is easy to operate and the protective cap gives high safety for the user. The tool has a preferable scissor action while cutting and cuts conductors up to Ø 54mm.

*The cutting capacity of any cutting tool may vary due to conductor design, insulation thickness, hardness of materials, etc.

This product has been discontinued and replaced by: Elpress Battery Operated Cutting Tool PCT54C.

Elpress PKL54 Features

  • Electric cable cutter for copper and aluminium cable; easy and safe to operate.
  • Not intended for cutting steel.
  • Max cutting diameter 54mm; equivalent to 1kV Cu type FKKJ 4 x 95 mm², Al type AKKJ 4 x 240 mm², Al type SE-N1XV 4G x 240 mm² and equivalent to 12kV Al type AXLJ 3 x 150 mm².
  • Charger 7.2-24V, charging time for battery approx. 60min.
  • Elpress PKL54 tool has a scissor action when cutting, which produces a good cut.
  • Integrated fuse as over-voltage protection.
  • Protective cap for perfect safety, CE approved.
  • Delivered with case and two batteries, 14.4V NiMh.
  • Accessories: PVBP2-Mh, extra battery.


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Technical Data

Area Cat. No. Weight Dimensions
Ø 54 mm PKL54 3.5 kg 450 x 105 x 120 mm

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