Elpress PCT54C Battery Operated Cutting Tool

Product overview

Elpress PCT54C Battery Operated Cable Cutting Tool (up to Ø 54mm) is a high-quality, simple, safe and ergonomic electric cable cutter for copper and aluminium cable. Elpress Tool PCT54C has a Li-Ion battery with a long run time and short charging time, which makes working more efficient. The precision-ground blade on the cable cutter ensures a longer useful life and an optimum cut. The cutting capacity of any cutting tool may vary due to conductor design, insulation thickness, hardness of materials, etc.
PCT54C-US, supplied with 115 VAC charger.
PCT54C-WOBC, supplied without Battery/ Charger.

This product replaces Elpress PKL54 Battery Powered Cutting Tool.

Elpress PCT54C Features

  • Electric cable cutter for copper and aluminium cable
  • Designed to cut conductors easily and safely at the touch of a button
  • Not intended for cutting steel.
  • Max cutting diameter 54mm; which for the following cable types is equivalent to:
    • 1kV Cu type FKKJ 4 x 95 mm²,
    • Al type AKKJ 4 x 240 mm²,
    • Al type SE-N1XV 4G x 240 mm² and
    • 12kV Al type AXLJ 3 x 150 mm²
  • The tool performs a scissor motion when cutting, which produces an optimal cut surface
  • Integrated fuse as surge protector
  • CE-marked.
  • Delivered with case and Li-Ion battery, 14.4V NiMh.

General Information

To strip insulation from cable there are, for example the EMBLA, TOR and ODEN ranges, that strip from 0.02 mm² up to 40 mm² (approximately). The tools are characterised by high precision, ergonomic adaptation, user friendliness and reliability.

Tools are available in several variants for cutting Cu and Al cable up to approximately Ø 85 mm. In addition to the simple mechanical tools that cut cables up to Ø 20 mm, there is a wide range of hydraulic tools for cutting cable up to approximately Ø 85 mm.

The size of the conductor that the tools can handle mainly depends on the type of conductor to cut; whether it is a low or medium voltage cable and whether it is, for example. a Solid Class 1, Flexible Class 5 or Stranded Class 2 Conductor. The hardness of the conductor’s material also affects the results. For example, the PCT54C is capable of cutting type Cu FKKJ 4 x 95 mm² low voltage cable or Al AKKJ 4 x 240 mm² or medium voltage cable type Al AXLJ 3 x 150 mm². The insulation takes some space on the medium voltage cable, which is why it can’t be restrictive.

For more information on Elpress PCT54C Battery Operated Cable Cutting Tool (up to Ø 54mm), consult PDF File or Technical Data Table below.

*Technical Data subject to change without notice.

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Technical Data

Part No. Max Ø Conductor Net Weight Dimensions (L x W x H)
Elpress PCT54C 54 8,6 kg 450 x 120 x 105 mm Charger: 230 VAC
Elpress PCT54C-US 54 8,6 kg 450 x 120 x 105 mm Charger: 115 VAC
Elpress PCT54C-WOBC 54 8 kg 450 x 120 x 105 mm Without Battery/ Charger

Technical Information

  • Battery voltage: 14.4 V
  • Battery capacity: 3 Ah, Li-Ion
  • Charging time: approx. 40 min
  • Weight including battery: 2.75 kg
  • Dimensions: 105 x 375 x 115 mm

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