Elpress PS700 Analyzer - Crimping Analysis & System Calibration Software

Product overview

Elpress PS700 Analyzer – Crimp Analysis & System Calibration Software. The Analyzer computer software is used for quality assurance of crimping work and to save data to quality documents. In a simple way, all crimps can be examined and studied in a PC environment where they get theirr ID number for for full traceability.

This unique SPC-tool, Statistic Process Control, makes it possible to transform crimping into a measurable process. By definition, process control is a statistical program for systematic studies of variations in the crimping process and operational performance. The possibility of importing, exporting, printing and saving graphs, calibration data, batch reports can now be realized.

Elpress PS700 Analyzer Benefits

  • Elpress PS700 Analyzer improves total quality.
  • Helps the operator.
  • Provides a tool for process improvement.
  • Monitors and measures all crimps.
  • Crimping Analysis & System Calibration.
  • Supports preventive maintenance of equipment.
  • Creates traceability and documents.
  • Makes communication easy.
  • Increases user competence.
  • Eliminates defective crimps.
  • Delivered with instructions for use. elpress crimping analysis, calibration software

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Technical Information

  • Image 1: The Analyzer computer software is used for quality assurance of crimping work.

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