Elpress TEB0516 Crimping Tool (0.25-16mm²)

Product overview

Elpress TEB0516 Crimping Tool (0.25-16mm²) is a tool for crimping of Pre-Insulated and Un-Insulated End Terminals 0.25-16mm². This crimp tool does not have a full closure ratchet mechanism. Certificate is not included.

Elpress TEB0516 Features

  • Distinctly marked die nests
  • Ratchet system which guarantees a fully closed crimp
  • Emergency release if the crimp sequence must be interrupted
  • Adjustable if changes occur, ie after many crimps
  • Elpress TEB0516 Crimping Tool is tested according to DIN requirements
  • Unique design makes the tools compact and handy
  • Requires a minimum of muscle force for a perfect crimp
  • Fits all users
  • At least 50.000 crimps
  • Delivered with certificate for quality assurance (DEB-type)

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Technical Data

Area Cat. No. Crimp Type Weight Length
0.25- 16mm² TEB0516 indent 0.320kg 185 mm

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